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The Grifter
Don't know if this has been discussed yet, but I just recently picked up the Sr character dossier. I think it's pretty wiz. Anyone else?
It's ok...its really just a compilation of most of the sheets you can copy from the back of all the other SR books. But it does make trasporting characters easier.
The Grifter
lOTTA good info in there, though
I like it for what is and I've got Dossier's to put all of my long term characters in when I finally get around to it. So far I like it and it keeps everything nice and tidy. I can't recall off hand, but there were a few places it seemed a bit limiting for some of my really old characters. Of course, nothing will work in all cases and still be a reasonable size.
The only Issue with i've seen at the minute is not enough space for all your skills (beyond a starting character) and not enough space for a good decription on lifestyles and ID's other then that so far so good (for me)
Actually the dossier is horrid, from my viewpoint. If you make Awakened characters it's adequate, but there are a lot of games where the GM doesn't want all of his players to be magicians or adepts. And for sammies, the dossier just plain sucks.

How? Not enough space for cyberware. Definitely not enough space for bioware. No place to record individual cyberware stress. No record space for surgeries.

Quite frankly Wordman's sheets are better. Print some out, take them to a copy center and get them printed on a single 11 x 17 sheet of paper. With a little experimenting you can make something even better than the dossier for about $0.50... more or less.

I got one, just to take a look at it. I can't say I plan to use it. I've been fiddling around with joining the PDFs available from the SR site, and don't mind them, you just have to use a lot. For a street sam, you probably need 1 character sheet, 1 impant sheet, 1 combat sheet, 3-4 weapon sheets, 1-2 vehicle sheets, and the action summary sheet.

I'd have been happier with the dossier had it been more along the lines of the adventure journals AEG put out a while back for L5R with lots of space for notes and recording in-game events.
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