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Full Version: SR3: Building a character with a starting allied spirit
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My master is letting me use the sum to 10 chargen system.

I want to make a full magician with an ally spirit that can manifest with the same aspect of my character. The problem is that the Ally Spirit is a huge Karma Sink and I don't think we will play for more than 10 sessions (at best), so the only option to have a character with an Ally Spirit is to start with one by using the spell points.

In order to make a decent Ally Spirit I will have to get 1m Yens and waste almost all in Spell Points. I'm still the only mage in the group (a shaman), so I want to spend at least 20 of the starting 25 spell points on spells. This leaves me with 5 points plus up to 25 points from the Newyens. (I can't buy more than 25 points due to have to totaling 50 at best).

So, how would you build a nice Ally Spirit with up to 30 karmas?

I'm sure I want to pay the Telepathic thing that costs 5 Karmas. This leaves me with 25 Karma and a starting Force of 1.
I could bring the force to 3 with 15 Karmas, bringing the total to 20 and maybe use the other 10 points to get him another skill (Etiquette?) and/or more spells.

I never made an Ally spirit myself and I really want to try one, help me building it smile.gif

Thanks a lot
QUOTE (Noll)
I never made an Ally spirit myself and I really want to try one, help me building it smile.gif

That's a rather tough thing to do. Problem is: As you already noticed creating Ally Spirits at chargen has serious ramifications as far as resources are concerned. Depending on what kind of power level you and your group are accustomed to even a "maxed out" ally (in terms of the resource constraints at chargen) is rather "weak" in many regards ... just as your actual character who "suffers" similar limitations due to the resource constraints. So far I have not heard of players who actually were reasonably satisfied with the results when trying to do this.

So prior to going through the hustle of trying to create an ally with 30 spell points (or even a full 50 if you ware to go with some variant of the shamanistic conjurer) during chargen I'd suggest that you talk to you GM about allowing you to utilize the optional "Karma for Cash" rule where the GM sets a fixed or even variable exchange rate of earned Nuyen into Karma points in addition to whatever Karma you get during game play for the explicit purpose of getting enough Karma to create the ally in game ... That rate should preferably suit the overall campaign length (so you'd have to be able reach the required karma amounts around the mid of the overall campaign and it could even serve as a plot hook during said campaign.
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