So, I just finished the retroclassical turn based strategy game Halfway from

I enjoyed it greatly. The gameplay was simple but well thought out and nearly all the levels were challenging and satisfying to play. Sometimes nowadays game designers get carried away and make things so complicated that things get broken in terms of gameplay, but Halfway did a good job of focusing on the essentials.

I played it in the evenings to relax before bed so the turn based format was perfect.

The story was good enough to reel me in but I felt like they didn't do a good job of explaining or resolving it by the end of the game. They never explain exactly why or how the ship is under attack by mysterious invaders or any of the other questions raised by the characters during the course of the game.

Most annoying to me was the extremely cliche open ending that seemingly had nothing to do with the previously established plot. It felt like they were just making the story up as they were going along. So, after having been strung along for the whole game, I felt a bit annoyed once I finished the game.

On the whole I would say the game is worth the modest purchase price as a quality passtime, but don't get too invested in the story.