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Seeing Fisty mention some old Dumpshockers got me to thinking about some of the times I met people from afar to play SR.

I have lived in Indiana, USA for 80% of my life. So it was odd to play in Kagetenshi's game since he is from the Boston area, iirc. But about 10 years ago, I was looking for a game, and he mentioned he was running one about 45 minutes away. Seems he was going to school at Rose Hulman Institute of Technology in Terra Haute, IN.

I know at one time I told Dr. Funk that it would be a cold day in Hell before we wound up playing together, but it happened. Though not as odd as a few other examples as we wound up in the same pbp game here on DS. Sorrily, I decided to play the most offbeat character I ever tried and may have ruined the game to some extent. Sorry to all involved.

A bit of a turnaround involves Sphnx. The second time I tried to get a SR game together (the first time I realized the players were not there to play SR but to drink free beer) I put up a 'creative' note on a bulletin board (yes a real cork bulletin board, not a virtual one) in my FLGS. I got 2 replies, one of them being Sphynx. I had never played any other RPG so asked both if they may be interested in GMing. Sphynx reluctantly accepted (though I did not catch how reluctant) and brought 3 other players with him. Years later, he recounted the first game session here on Dumpshock. I was familiar with Sphynx here on Dumpshock and knew he was in Europe, Germany iirc, so as he told his tale of woe, I read and kept telling myself, "Wow, this sounds familiar." It was a longish post and it became more and more obvious to me that this HAD to be the same game session that I decided to dramatically leave. See, as I said, he was reluctant and a bit irritated and felt misled that I had posted saying I would run the game and then shirked doing so. I was still not that familiar with the setting and just thought I had been creative and in character. So when I show up, bringing an entire back pack of supplements including The Denver Boxed Set (I had a lot of discretionary income) I got some looks. I also believe if you don't ask, you don't get, so I asked about some questionable, perhaps some optional rules and got told no. Yet Sphynx went around the table and was bending rules and handing out perks to EVERY other player at the table, including the one I brought with me that he had no way (as far as I know) of knowing beforehand. When he got to me, not only did I not get any perk, I didn't get any rule bent and no optional rule implemented. It went so far that legal starting equipment was denied and, I think I was playing a Raccoon Shaman with Shapeshifting, that the only thing I could shapeshift into was a raccoon. Lol, at this point I realized I was getting hosed and had no idea why. Now I had just bought the Denver set and had thought it an interesting environment but when I first brought it up it sort of got back-burnered. As Sphynx made me justify every piece of equipment and spell I had (again only I got subjected to this) I had in my mostly on the spot back story that I was from Denver and learned the Levitation spell to levitate over the WALLS IN DENVER (in case anyone wants to search this old thread wink.gif .) Remember, I already saw I was not getting the perks others got, then I'm seeing I'm not getting even some of the questionable calls on starting character stuff, and now I'm seeing almost every point of my PC getting denied (even legal), gimped or argued over and needing to be justified. As this went on, I decided I was quitting. Then I decided I may as well quit sooner than waste any more time or subject myself to any more frustration. Then I decided to have fun with leaving and make it memorable (isn't that how everyone wishes they could go out? Not slinking off as inconspicuously as possible? and inconspicuous was sort of impossible.) So I picked a tiny fight, or a very loud argument, about if there were no walls in Denver, then they were not playing SR and stormed out.

I contacted Sphynx after he posted and determined it was the same event. In the intervening decade plus, it turns out both of us retold this story many times. Of course we were the bad guy in the other person's version of events. I hope he thinks the entire situation is as funny as I do.

Probably not so odd was meeting players from all over at GenCon when I was a last minute volunteer to help out a couple of times. At one table, I had this guy that would roleplay chambering a shotgun shell. When he first did it, I just thought, "oh, decent roleplayer." But then it turned out that was about the extent of his roleplay. Which reminded me of a player I had once come to my apartment for about a half dozen games before I moved to Florida. Yep, same guy. When I realized who it was, I asked why he didn't say something and he said he wanted to play at that table. I think the next night I had an asian guy hang around afterwards and he finally said something about not believing he had tisoz GM for him (I used tis oz as my badge ID) which is sad because being a late addition I wasn't thoroughly familiar with the package and messed up the game.

In retrospect, a lot of these stories involve Dumpshockers. It would be sad if DS, or whatever people are using, falls into disue and people don't ever get these RL meetings with purely online friends, even when they turn out less than optimal.

Now I have to track down a RL pic of Jason Hardy and see if it is the same Jason from my old game group. makes me wonder...
Jason looks a lot, and I mean a LOT like Chris Russom from Amazing Wedding Cakes
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