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Hi everyone! One thing that has always puzzled me was (or is) to find the right background music for my Shadowrun gaming sessions. I even started a series of posts about "Shadowrun Music" on our gaming group's website in order to share and explore my thoughts about this topic.

So I would like to go a step further and ask some experienced gamers (that means you) about their opinions and recommendations regarding the right background music for Shadowrun pen-&-paper gaming.

Currently I am mainly using the music from these soundtrack albums on my playlist:

Escape from New York
Fallout 1 & 2 (free to download)
Forever Knight
Ghost in the Shell (by Kenji Kawaii)
Patlabor 1 & 2
Last Man Standing
The Crow (by Graeme Revell)
RoboCop (by Pedro Bromfman)
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (free to download)

... and of course:

Shadowrun Returns

My aim in choosing these albums was or is to create an atmospheric background music that reflects the dark and brooding aspects of Shadowrun while not being too dominant or distracting.

So what kind of music are you using (if any)?
In Strict Confidence
Jean Michel Jarre
Icon of Coil

I like GMing a really dark game.
Plug any one of those into Pandora and let it run. No more thinking about what should be in the mix.
Good for atmospheric, hanging at the team hideout between runs mood:
I have a difficult time not reaching for the Grey Goose when I listen to that. smile.gif
NewRetroWave on Youtube
Just some 80s-Style music, some really nice stuff among it.
I got this from Dumpshock now that I think about it, I do not remember where it was posted though.

Tekken 3 OST
Futuristic sound, asian influences, native american influences, just perfect.
Also it is fighting game music, designed not to get boring, even after listening to it for a while.
I'd call it Cyber-Funk. If I ever heard that style of music in a disco, I would explode.

Half-Life 2 OST
Atmospheric, slow, futuristic.
NewRetroWave is a pro-click. Perfect for SR. I shamelessly use the Sega Shadowrun game soundtrack as well.
I recently found some good 80s-style neon and chrome synth stuff that is perfect for shadowrun

The far cry 3: blood dragon soundtrack by "power glove"
"Blood dragon theme"

"I am the night"

And I haven't listened to them as much but "judge bitch" is also in the same vein

Quite a lot of different stuff, some of my personal highlights are:

Deus Ex: Human Revolution OST
Tron Legacy OST
The collected works of Haujobb (especially From Homes to Planets)
The Prodigy: Invaders Must Die (the B-Side tracks).
I found a great playlist on Spotify, I think it's around 70 hours.

Titled "Synthwave / Outrun / Retro Electro", playlist by Istvan Huszar.

"Outrun" in general is a great search term, lots of great 80ish synthy electronic music.

Just quickly scanning some bands that I've liked from the playlist:
DJ Ten
Power Glove
Dance with the Dead

..and so on.

If I ever get to run an in-person Shadowrun game again, I'll just put this playlist on in the background.

ETA: "Judge Bitch" is also in there, per Shaft's suggestion.
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