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Full Version: Limits - When Do They Kick In
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So after a bit of shadowrun downtime (most of 3rd & 4th edition) I've picked up SR5. I see its not going down to well in some quarters, but I have questions none the less. The first being, when does the accuracy limit on a gun kick in, is it a limit on the net hits or gross hits. Being that the layout makes it hard to find stuff and the index points you to a page that points to another page its a bit confusing.

The Limits limit the total amount of successes you can make.
Gross hits -- how many of the hits that you roll can be counted. If your limit is four, once you've found four dice showing a 5 or 6 you can just stop.
Think of it like the system 7th Sea used. Roll/Keep.

You can roll up to skill+stat dice, but only keep a number equal to your Limit.

Of course, Edge is so common that the Limits are effectively useless in SR5 as a dice pool control.

For guns specifically, you use Accuracy in place of your character's inherent Limits, even the Accuracy is higher than their limit. See the sidebar on Page 47 of SR5.
Thanks all, I think my group has been doing it wrong, I will have to pay more attention next session (its my turn to GM)
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