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Full Version: The Shadowrun Holiday Special
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"God rest ye Shadowrunners
Let nothing you dismay
Remember, Stealth, our Saviour
is how we earn our pay,
To save us all from Corporate power
When the Decker's gone astray
O tidings of Nuyen and joy,
Nuyen and joy
O tidings of Nuyen and joy!"

Just a bit of silliness that emerged from my local game. biggrin.gif
Stay warm and go dark for the holidays, fellow runners! Happy Holidays!
That is awesome smile.gif


The Johnson (one Herr Kringle which is all your Decker has been able to dig up on the man) has hired your team to deliver presents and Christmas cheer through the Barrens.

With strict orders of a non-lethal mission, can your team navigate/negotitate with the various gangers, toxics and worse to deliver your gifts or will it be just another dystopian xmas for all?
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