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Full Version: Advanced Lifestyle Rules
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One of the things I was really looking forward to in Run Faster was the lifestyle rules. Comparing Run Faster (SR5) to The Runner's Companion (SR4) lifestyle rules, I was disappointed.

Example: The lifestyle category levels are not really defined anywhere. In Runner's Companion, each level (street to luxury/0-6) of the lifestyle categories were clearly spelled out with examples; the sixteen pages were choke full of information that was clear and felt mostly complete. In Run Faster, the twelve pages made me feel as though as I had to start with the Runner's Companion for a frame of reference and definitions.

Anyone else?
Safety scissors and paste came to my mind in that particular section of Run Faster. I have hoped that subsequent re-readings of that chapter would help shed some light on the matter, but so far I have a better grasp of the Doctor's explanation of time travel.
May I remind you, that we are talking about SR5. This is the implicit edition, you are not supposed to understand from what is written, but from what is not.
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