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Full Version: Step 3 - Choose Spell Force
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Could someone please give me a worked example or explain exactly what the below sentence means. My group is struggling with the meaning of this. Many thanks in advance

If the number of hits (not net hits) you get after applying
the limit exceeds your Magic rating, the spellís Drain is
Physical instead of Stun damage.

Sorcery Page 281
for the sake of argument, you cast some spell with a resistance test at force 4, and your magic rating is 3. you roll and score 6 hits, your opponent scores 2.

for starters, the hits are capped at the spells force, so you lose 2 hits straight up. gone forever.

then, the defender gets to apply their two hits against the remaining 4, giving you a total of 2 net hits.

for drain, because your number of hits after applying limits is 4, which is greater than your magic rating of 3, the drain for whatever spell you just decided to cast is physical. had your magic rating been 4 or more, it would have been stun. if you had cast it at force 3, the drain would have also been stun, because the number of hits would have been limited to 3 by the spell's force.
Ok makes sense now, thanks. I think in the heat of the moment we were forgetting the source of 'net hits' may have been a resistance test and were somehow attributing 'net hits' with applying the limit and creating weird a circular argument.
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