Hey everyone!

I'm new to Shadowrun as an RPG, although I've had experience with other games such as WH 40K, VtM, and DnD. A friend of mine, who has had several Shadowrun campaigns, now wants to GM a game, so he asked me to create my character concept and develop a character for a campaign in New York. He hasn't told me what the campaign will entail in details, but I know he has a rather balance approach and eventually wants to include all elements of the universe. So, I went onto the official SR forums and I got some help from an experienced chummer, but I still want to hear the opinions and critiques of experiences players and GMs. So, I'm here, knowing that some of the most hardcore players are on these forums. I was wondering if you guys can critique my character concept and backstory, and then the actual stats behind the character - whether they are useful, how well the karma was used etc. I would really appreciate any kind of feedback you can offer me, as I am quite new to Shadowrun! I am using the 4th edition, karma generation system, with the core book, street magic and runner's companion. This would turn out into a wall of text, but those of you who are interested in helping out, I would be more than grateful!

Ok, here I go!

Character Name: Faelan O'Byrne [Fey-lahn]
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Concept: Tír na nÓg pariah; Occult investigator, Magic Defense
Metatype: Elf (Night One Metavariant)- low-light vision, nocturnal, allergy (mild, sunlight), keen hearing, unusual hair (indigo fur)
Place of Origin: Tír na nÓg
Personality and quirks: weird, over-polite, outsider, nerdy, curious, naive, gay, "unintentional" racist, spirit sympathizer, contemplative, kinky, idealistic, stubborn, averse to cyberware and bioware, freedom-loving


Faelan was raised in an orpahange, his parents unknown. Because of his peculiar appearance and the uncaring and strict overseers of the orphanage, he has a rather tough early childhood. The fact that he looks more like a purple werecat than an elf leads many to constantly remind him what a freak he is and how he should prove his "elvenness" (yes, even in good old Europe the Night Ones are actually quite rare, safe for GAS). When he is discovered to possess magical ability at the fragile age of 6, he is given to a foster family in the Western Province of Connaught, in order to be inducted into the Order of Ogma. His strange appearance and nocturnal lifestyle lead many to believe that he is best suited to the occult society of druids. His foster parents are strict and demanding and constantly urge him to do his best and prove that he is an "elf-proper", which raised a peculiar mix of inferiority complex and ambition in him. Rather than outright hate his surroundings, he insisted that one day all will witness his intellect and magical talent and he will be accepted. Thus, the idea of being "elven" was quite strong as he grew up and struggled through high school. Eventually he is accepted into the Order and starts walking the Path of the Druid, where he meets more elves who regard him with fear, disdain or amusement, sometimes all at once. Eventually he goes to University and even finishes a Masters, studying ancient history, magical theory, and even law. He is considered an especially successful student with vast talents, and he feels like he takes his life into control and is proving his worth.

Because of his magical potential, and nocturnal lifestyle, he is ordered to investigate and observe all kinds of supernatural phenomena that happen at night in Tír na nÓg and asses how threatening they are to the national security. From the Doineann Draoidhell storms to cairn lines to frenzied swarms of squirrels, Faelan spends several years investigating the magical and the dangerous of his homeland. At this point his mentor spirit, Owl, begins to take a more and more active role in guiding Faelan, especially by providing cryptic clues to seemingly mundane events pertaining to Tír na nÓg. Faelan's prolonged investigations eventually lead him to meetings with Druid cabals, all manner of elemental Spirits, ghosts of diseased elves and humans, members of the Seelie and Unseelie courts and even sapient critters. He learns valuable esoteric information, but also gains a multitude of clues pertaining to the political and economic life of Tír na nÓg, which at the time seem irrelevant to him. After 6 years of supernatural investigations, he is ordered to help the TRC forces in Ulster to counter magical terrorist attacks and prepare magical defenses.

Faelan's time in Ulster proves to be radically life-changing. All the clues and guidance from Spirits, especially his Mentor, suddenly come together when he makes acquaintance with a group of terrorists. It is at this point that he finds out his father was a human terrorist and his mother was a mundane, graceful elven lass seeking the Path of the Bard, who was seriously threatened when her elven acquaintances discovered her passionate love for a human rebel. In the end, Faelan had to be given away for his own safety, which was the right move as his parents are now dead. Faelan meets with his father's best friends, who provide him with valuable information exposing the corruption and fascist regime of the Danaan families. This information, coupled with his own research and "clues" he got allows him to see the bigger picture of Tír na nÓg and all the corruption, censorship and ruthless control, assasinations etc that the Danaan families are behind. Worst of all, he realizes how the whole Path philosophy, the beautiful and enlightening Draesis ti Heron is used by the Danaan to subjugate Tír na nÓg. He decides the Danaans are corrupt and foul elves, unworthy of the beauty of Draesis ti Heron, and focuses his anger on their machinations. Faelan also finds his true love, an elven samurai adept on the Path of the Warrior, who is the most "humanized" elf he has ever encountered - a fine and proud elven lad.

The information Faelan uncovers eventually leads him to ally with the terrorists and seek justice and a new social order. His mistake, however, is that he tries to alter and improve a spell the terrorists used. These attack usually involve minimal collateral damage, but his musings prove fatal - the spell injures and kills a lot of innocents, chaos ensues, his boyfriend dies. Faelan is compromised and is forced to flee, completely disgraced and targeted by the Western Danaan families. Thus he runs off to UCAS....

On the Path of the Wheel: Faelan still believes that the core ideas of the Path are true and good for every elven soul that desires growth and enlightenment. However, he envisions a major revision to some of the ideology, particularly on the Path of the High King. He wants to see his beloved Paths removed from political and social structures as much as possible, and instead they should become a Religion - a transcendent philosophy of personal growth, especially for the mundane. Everyone should benefit from the grace and wisdom of the Paths, and those with magical talent should focus more on the spiritual truths of the paths, and not only their " duty" to Tír na nÓg, which perpetuates the fascist regime. Basically he thinks for the Paths to even survive and remain pure and good for elves, they need to be tied more to magic and be maximally removed from mundane life, except as "life philosophies". Or in other words, a religion open to mundane metahumans, and made up of spiritual, magical Orders who just do their own thing and don't get involved in fascism. He sees himself as something of a reformator and idealist.

On racism I want Faelan to be racist enough, yet still open to understanding others. Basically, after seeing how corrupt Danaan elves are, he no longer believes elves are better - in fact, they are just as corrupt and greedy and twisted as any metahuman can be. But he does believe that elves are more magical and have more sensitive souls. When it comes to all things magic and nature, elves are better. Especially as the Awakening process rises, elves should become the custodians of magical lore and protection of nature. In all things mundane, however, elves are pretty much scums like anyone else. So his racism is especially prominent against non-elven mages.

Humans Faelan pretty much treats like a beloved dog - you love it, you protect it, but you still think it's inferior to you. But when it does something amazing like open the door, or answer the phone, you are genuinely surprised and proud of how such a simple creature can be so cunning. Or alternatively - how a lad treats his girlfriend like "yes yes honey, you just stay there and I'll deal with it babe". It's a special form of naive racism, he means good but gets it wrong. Orks and Trolls, however, are out of the question.


Positive: Magician; Mentor Spirit - Owl description + Moon Maiden bonuses, + 2 dice to Negotiation tests and Illusion spells, -1 die to Combat spells; Bilingual (English and Eirean-Sperethiel); Astral Chameleon;

Negative: Enemy (Western Danaan families, based in Connaught, + 30 Karma); Wanted (+ 20 karma), Big Regret (Terrorist magical attack), Prejudiced (Orks an Trolls, biased);

*Note: other useful qualities I could use? SINner? Distinctive Style?

On the Mentor Spirit: Plays a large role for Faelan, usually providing clues and cryptic advice, often on the mundane. She appears as a snowy owl with large black eyes most of the time, but on full moons might be perceived as a beautiful Moon Goddess - draped in nebulous, transparent white robes and silver decorations, think Daeneris Targaryen in appearance. She appears as a goddess of oracles, dreams and mysticism. Mystical, taciturn, witty, benevolent, but with a concealed agenda, she is a Guidance Spirit who likes to direct through cryptic messages and "hunches", for she believes truth is best discovered individually. Her "true" name is Lileath and provides not only clues, but sometimes emotional comfort as well. In magical training, she does take a more active role. Can be contacted in dreams and deep meditation, although she might provide intuitive "bursts" or "hunches" in more dire situations.


Body: 3 Agility: 3 Strength: 2 Reaction: 3

Charisma: 7 Intuition: 5 Logic: 3 Willpower: 5

Initiative: 8 Magic: 5 Edge: 2 Essence: 6


*Athletics Skill Group: Rating 1
*Influence Skill Group: Rating 3
*Assensing: Rate 2
*Binding: Rate 3
*Counterspelling: Rate 4
*Infiltration: Rate 3
*Perception: Rating 4
*Pistols: Rating 2
*Shadowing: Rating 3
*Spellcasting: Rating 5
*Summoning: Rating 5

Language and Knowledge skills:

*English - N
*Eirean-Sperethiel - N
*Irish Gaelic - 2
*Magical Theory - 4
*Magical Threats - 3
*Tír na nÓg Politics - 3

*Note: I intentionally kept Binding at 3, because Faelan sees binding as a horrible act, tantamous to slavery. For hims, Spirits are equals and they have free will. I plan on him developing Binding, though, as maybe he will see binding as a sort of partnership, not unlike friendship or marriage. Also, his assensing is low just because I had to prioritize, but I got it anyway because it fits the background. I got Influnce group 3 because, despite his oddness both physical and social, he is actually good enough with people. I want to specialize his Etiquette and Negotiation later on, to Etiquette - Spirits and Negotiations - Diplomacy nyahnyah.gif


* IRA-affiliated Fixer: Loyalty 3, Contacts 3. Used for gear finding, coordination with the larger anti-Tír na nÓg group.
* Talismonger: Loyalty 2, Contacts 4. Elven hermetic mage, artifact collector, also provides magical knowledge for favors
* Free Spirit: Loyalty 3, contact 2. fluff and clue contact, for supernatural phenomenon and astral stuff. The Giggling Fox, a free anima with an unusual interest in metahuman affairs.

Are these contacts good?


1. Manabolt
2. Analyze Truth
3. Mind Probe
4. Heal
5. Improved Invisibility
6. Stench
7. Improved Reflexes (limited)
8. Influence
9. Levitate
10. Mana Barrier

Other useful spell suggestions??


1 month low lifestye, Lined Coat armor, Actioneer Business Clothes armor, Fichetti Security 600 light pistol, 60 ammo, Concealable holster, Commlink (CMT Clip with Vector Xim), Contact lenses rating 2 with Vision enhancement rating 3, Micro-Transcriever rating 6, Spirit Binding materials, Wall Space AR (celtic knot wallpapers and Tír na nÓg pastoral landscapes), Magical Lodge Rating 4 (books on the Path of the Druid, ritual dagger, a collection of stones and gems with celtic knots and Sperethiel engravings, a small ritual cauldron)

So, what do you guys think? Are the qualities well chosen, and do you think there is something better than Astral Chameleon? Do you think the attributes are good? My friend advised me that Cha 7 is good, because its cheaper to go magic 5 to magic 6 than charisma 5 to 7, as was my original plan. Ideally, I want Faelan to be Magic Defense + negotiator as a close second role, and to be good at magical investigations. What about the fluff? Is the story good and plausible? I would appreciate any kind of feedback and critique from experienced chummers!!! And again, apologies for the massive wall of text!!!!!