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Somewhere, in one of the recent threads, possibly the DumpShock Improvements thread, there was talk of writing adventures and fan content among other things. This got me thinking. I knew I had, a long time ago, written up a load of notes for a shadowrun adventure. So I've spent days going through all my archives (I couldnít even remember what it was called) and I've finally found it.

Itís called - The Wail Of The Dead

In my mind it was just a set of notes, but to my surprise itís actually a fully fleshed out adventure and includes prologue, epilogue, synopsis, and set up, a series of encounters each with their own read out loud sections and main character backgrounds and stats, and matrix stats.
It has a few issues. The standard of writing isnít very good, nay itís terrible, but that was a long time ago biggrin.gif . The synopsis isnít very clear and it mentions stuff that may be considered edition/era specific such as the Renraku Shutdown and Deus.

So just testing the water, but what I was wondering is:

1. Is DumpShock (or the GMs among you) interested in seeing it?
2. If I go to the hassle of rewriting the Synopsis and fixing the sorry state of the writing (its almost 16,000 words) would someone be willing to give it at the very least a rough edit for content, canon, and grammar? It doesnít have to be professional but good enough that I wonít cringe with embarrassment a few years down the line.
3. If I can make it generic enough that itís not edition specific is someone willing to re-stat the characters for [insert your favourite edition]? Iím not sure if the stats I have are accurate or have been copied from somewhere or just made up. If it was stated for multiple editions that would be fantastic.
4. Is there anyone willing to do a rough lay out job and make it a little easier on the eye?
5. Is someone willing to host it?
QUOTE (flowswithdrek @ Jan 9 2015, 04:07 PM) *
5. Is someone willing to host it?
Thanks Redjack

If I can get at the very least someone to stat the characters and someone to proof it, I would go ahead and start work on it.
You don't even really need hosting to get a shared working copy up. Just toss it up in Google Drive and set it to 'anyone with the link can view' sharing. This is also nice for editing, as you can give specific proofreaders editing/commenting permissions to make fixes and leave notes. I'd definitely be willing to give it a read, but my commentary on canon may not be too helpful as I'm still stuck in the 2050s. smile.gif
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