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Full Version: Who the Frag is...? [random char generator]
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A forumite elsewhere cooked up this fun "Who the Frag is...?" random-shadowrunner-generator, kind of inspired by the recent "Who the fuck is...?!" tongue-in-cheek chargen tool for D&D. He's still adding to the database to get broader results, but in the meantime it's really kind of fun, and not too shabby for a GM who needs to fill out a fixer's Contacts list or something.

This'll give you street name, background, archetype, metarace, and a quirk, all in one handy bundle. Some of them are even pretty workable characters, when all's said and done.

Squid, he's a friendly Dwarf Occult Investigator from CalFree who is hunted by Renraku.

Plague, she's an intelligent Ork Tech from Rhine-Ruhr who has pet-names for all her weapons.

Bishop, she's a stuck-in-the-past Human Fixer from New York who distrusts Dwarves.

Demon, she's an awakened Human Social Chameleon from the UCAS who has a drinking problem.
Loads of fun:

Zero-Cool, he's a music loving Ork Street Mage from Japan who doesn' believe in magic.
believes he's a bard or something

Grizzly, he's a bigoted Troll Cat Burglar from Paris who is hunted by Mitsuhama.
At his size, isn't it called a Bear Burglar? nyahnyah.gif

Shark, he's a honorable Ork Edgerunner from Paris who can uncannily tell if someone is telling a lie or the truth.
If their lips moves, odds are they are lying. Doubly so for Johnson, duh.
Tymeaus Jalynsfein
Awesome tool - Bookmarked it for future use.
Addict, he's an organized Human Smuggler from Tir Tairngire who distrusts Trolls.
How can you trust anyone who's too big to fit in the seat of a car?

Shockwave, he's a paranoid Troll Adept from the UK who distrusts women.
Perfectly civil and courteous, but absolutely distrustful, 221b Baker St. style.

Acid, he's an upright Dwarf Face from the CAS who just can't stop flirting.
It's nae th' size of the hammer that counts, it's how ye wield it!

Ripper, he's a music loving Ork PhysAd from Honk Kong who has a drinking problem.
Karaoke and brutal Kung-Fu Bloodshed as way of life. Who wouldn't drink?

Silence, he's an irritating Elf Street Mage from Atzlan who can't stand still for even a moment.
The street name is a sadly ironic one. It's both a blessing and a curse to understand Spanish in his presence.

But wait! There's more nyahnyah.gif

Titan, he's an energetic Ork ex-Bodyguard from Pomoria who gets a slight nervous tic whenenver he enters a Stuffer Shack's food section.
Guess his last job got taken down near the Nuke'em Dogs.

Nova, he's a haunted Troll Edgerunner from the Pueblo Council who distrusts Trolls.
Must be tough looking in the mirror.

Chrome, he's a modest Human ex-Cop from France who can speak Sperethiel, but dislikes doing so.
Can't decide which is more annoying to listen to, his French or his Sperethiel
And for only 9 nuyen.gif more, you can have...

Hatchet, he's a wise-ass Ork Gunslinger Adept from the Sioux Nation who is somehow hated by Watcher spirits.
Most people would think that if you had to pick a class of Spirit to be loathed by, Watchers are harmless. Yes, they are, but they are everywhere, and they are annoying.

Guardian, he's a hot-headed Human Smuggler from Amazonia who distrusts women.
Sure is a lot of misogyny in these days, isn't there?

Acid, she's a serious Human Gunslinger Adept from the UK who smokes enough to contribute to the air-pollution warning levels.
Don't confuse her for the Dixie Dwarf, or you will regret it. And don't forget your air filter, or you'll regret that, too. And most importantly of all, don't forget to have the car's filters running, or at least a window cracked, if you're on a stakeout with her, or you could asphyxiate!

Sarge, he's a delusional Dwarf Mage from the UTE Nation who has a grudge against Ares.
He believes his wife ran off to be Damian Knight's mistress. The fact that he was never married doesn't seem to penetrate his head.

Tomahawk, she's a sarcastic Dwarf Cat Burglar from the Pueblo Council who likes to meditate during lulls in the action.
Go ahead. Take a wild guess why she's called Tomahawk. Want a clue, look at her belt. Don't ask to smoke her peace pipe. Just trust me on that.
(She used to be called Hatchet, but then the Souix Gunslinger joined her team. They flipped a credit coin to see who had to change their name. She won.)

Prince, she's a pessimistic Human Tech from Paris who doesn't believe in magic.
Prince likes to smoke Hatchet's peace pipe, and Hatchet likes to smoke Prince's. Great backup to have, just don't stick them on a stakeout in the same car together, for nothing will be observed.

Freak, he's an augmented Human Smuggler from the SOX who constantly drops out-of-context quotes by famous philosophers.
He also has the Distinctive Style trait because he insists on wearing Cyber-Renaissance fashions, even when they're not in style. He didn't ask for this.

Hunter, she's an organized Dwarf Fixer from Chicago who is afraid of the Augmented.
Can't argue with their results, just doesn't like to be near anyone who's augged.
And if you enter the code found at the bottom of your Trideo we will even throw these in.....

Midnight, she's an efficient Dwarf Rigger from New York who takes naps at the most inappropiate moments.
*BLAM* *BLAM* The Van! Where's the VAN?!? *BLAM* *BLAM*

Rain, she's a bigoted Human Medic from Denver who is a Metahuman Rights Activist.
Should Orcs have Rights? Sure, they bleed red just like the rest of us. Doesn't mean I want them dating my kids though...

Zero-Cool, he's an ambitious Dwarf Gutter Punk from the Barrens who is cybered far beyond any reasonable limits.
He makes Cyberzombies go 'Daaaannnnggg' and actually was mistaken for a slot machine while down in Vegas.
What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas

Bullseye, she's a stoner Ork Gunslinger Adept from the Pueblo Council who is looking for her stolen memories.
Ummm, maybe if you laid off the peace pipe?
But wait, if you slot your cred in the next FIVE minutes, you can have the following:

Bullseye, she's an eccentric Human Rigger from the Pueblo Council who is hunted by Mitsuhama.
She violated a Zero Zone by stealing an MCT main battle tank, painting flaming skulls and poker hands on the side, and barreling through the walls whilst blasting Motorhead from a jury-rigged loudspeaker system. Whilst livestreaming the whole thing to the 'Trix.

Squeamish, he's a paranoid Human Smuggler from the SOX who is afraid of the Matrix.
The whole concept of a parallel world to the real one frightens him. It's best not to discuss the Astral in his presence, and he dismisses metaplanes as pure fancy.

Kodiak, she's an adaptable Dwarf Hacker from Vladivostok who always offers her teammates hot coffee.
Real coffee, too, her ride has a coffee maker filled with the finest in stolen beans. An epicurean pleasure to go on a stake-out with.

Zippy, she's an aristocratic Ork Tech from Honk Kong who once crashed a Mafia wedding.
Literally crashed it - right into the front of a moving supertanker. The mob pissed off the collected Triads of Hong Kong by trying to move in on the island, and then had the balls to hold a wedding on a yacht in the harbor.

Shark, she's a paranoid Elf Face from Rhine-Ruhr who likes to set things on fire.
You'd be paranoid and default to killing it with fire, too if the only reason you survived your lovely anarchist commune's destruction at the claws of the Great Dragon Lofwyr (not in person, but still,) was because an old friend you haven't heard from in ten years sends you an urgent message and the nuyen to fly to Seattle and meet her immediately, only to never find any trace of her ever having been to North America at all.

Owl, he's an innovative Ork Rocker from Vladivostok who is afraid of the Deep Resonance.
Owl thought that he'd spent enough money to have those porn holos of him as a child erased permanently. Then some asshole TM dredged them up from the Deep. You'd be scared if there was something that could bring back burnt data you wanted lost, too.

Tarantula, she's a lab raised Elf Adept from the Sioux Nation who once crashed a Mafia wedding.
After Hong Kong, the mob started holding their weddings on zepplins. Tarantula hijacked and crashed a cargo jet into it, parachuting away at the last second. Needless to say, she and Zippy get along just fine.

Sekhmet, she's a brilliant Human Cat Burglar from the Sioux Nation who curses like a particularly angry sailor.
She once swore so much, so indefatigably, so inventively, and in so many languages, at a Johnson who tried to stiff her team for failing to complete objectives he hadn't communicated to them, that he became physically ill and paid them double just to shut her up.
Thanks for the link Critias. I was just looking at the Who the Fuck is...? page and wished there was such a thing for Shadowrun. Then I hop over here and low and behold, there it is. smile.gif

And to keep in tone with the rest of the posts...
As a special bonus we'll also include:
Ripper, she's a cursed Elf Gutter Punk from the Sioux Nation who takes naps at the most inappropriate moments.
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