I bought this last year, but never really did a lot with it. Recently, I was convinced to give D&D-5 a try. A friend is running a campaign in a world of his own design; a world in progress actually. He gave us a map, an ideal of a swashbuckling campaign a starting small island in the chain. From there, he asked us make the world one of a shared design. He keeps his notes in a notebook so I went ahead and created a realm and started documenting the world, the characters, the major NPCs, and even the adventure itself in the tool. I am very happy with it towards that purpose.

Another friend runs a Shadowrun campagin, ongoing for several years now, but played infrequently; that group meets 1-2 times per month and rotates through three different campaigns + Missions. Our group is essentially prime runner status, with eight different team lifestyles maintained for safehouses and hangers. We also have aircraft and vehicles spread between several of them as well. Toward that end, I created two custom categories for this realm: Vehicles & Drones and Lifestyle. Now, a little more competent in the the software and comfortable in the design, I felt those served me better for documenting those objects than the default ones (which all work great for the D&D game).

Is anyone else using Realm Works?