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Full Version: SR3 - Corperate Punishment
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Hoi Chummers,

I know these runs were pretty reviled (and reading through, for good reason) but have your players managed to short-circuit the "Double-Take" mission in a way that made you, as GM, actually go, "wow, why didn't they do the run like that"?

Basically, anything in the Tir is just asking for "new character sheets please" and sending Ghosts after a NPC (while your players are in the way) is just pure dickishness.



I LOVE the first part of Corporate Punishment, honestly. It requires a deft hand to keep it on the rails without (har har) seeming railroady, but if you have a GM that can pull it off, it's worth it. I basically take anything printed as a framework to build your own stories out of, though. Don't literally "tell it to 'em straight" and such.

The chance to show off how bad-ass you are when dealing with Tir Ghosts is something few people should turn down, if they have some decent karma on 'em. In my case, I think we had about 150 (in SR3) and it made it very worth it.
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