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Full Version: Shapeshifter and wound status
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So let's assume a falconine/troll shapeshifter that didn't put anything into BOD.
The Falcon has BOD 1 while the Troll has BOD 5...
How many physical monitor boxes does this character have 9 or 11 or dose he have two separate condition boxes.
If he has two separate condition boxes, takes 11 points of damage, uses edge to do one last thing, change shape from troll to falcon- did he just commit suicide?
Dose damage even transfer from one form to another if there are two separate condition monitors?
What edition are you talking about?

If this is 4th Edition, a troll shapeshifter does not actually use Troll stats. You get the stats that you made your character from, and those stats apply in both forms - you only appear as a (meta)human in that form.

QUOTE (Runners Companion, page 87, Not Always Quite Human sidebar)
A shapeshifter with a different metatype gains
their standard metatype abilities (see Metatype Attribute
Table, p. 72, SR4) when in that form.

What that's referencing you to the Attribute Table is for the abilities only: the Thermographic vision and +1 Armor of trolls, or the low-light vision of elves, as examples, not the attributes of those metahumans themselves.
I think Gradivus is talking about SR5 Run Faster Shapeshifter rules. After character creation the physical attributes, for animal and metahuman form are treated as separate scores.
Making it possible that the shapeshifted can be stronger, tougher, better and faster in metahuman form.
This situation is similar with using the spell shapechange or critter (x) and falling back in your natural form after you got severely injured.

In the case of possession this kind of attribute change is deadly (SR5 SG p197).
My apologies- I really should state edition when asking a question. I am referring to SR5 Run Faster rules.
I'd have to say Run Faster(sooner) is the optimal strategy for survival in this situation.
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