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Hocus Pocus
was at a book store a few weeks back and finally saw new shadowrun books. But the were not in the usual novel paperback form but slightly bigger p[lastic like feeling books for 12 bucks! ack dun libol but thats too rich for my blood. I just looked at the front and back and put it back on the shelf. are there any regular new novels coming out? i miss reading the novels and re-reading my old ones is fun, but gets kinda dull the 4th time trhough.
Dark Resonance, by Phaedra Weldon. Reading it right now, and I'm .... underimpressed.
Hell on Water, by Jason Hardy. Was fun.
Then there's also Fire & Frost, which was kinda powergamey, but okay-ish, overall. Too stereotyped for me to really enjoy, and obviously written in SR4 times, then hastily adapted to SR5 nomenclature.
$12 is the going price for both of those books and the larger size is the only form that they take.
You can pick them up digitally for 9 bones too.
Hocus Pocus
ty for the advice. Guess I'm just SOL.
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