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Full Version: Combat Decker, 1st try at a 5th ed character
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I wanted to make a not-stay in the van decker. I think I've managed that. He can fight and drive pretty well, and seems to be a decent decker.
I still have a couple of thousand to spend on gear if I left something out.
Let me know what you think.

Human Male Age 25
Height 175(5'9) Weight 65(144#)
Composure: 7
Judge Intentions: 9
Lift/Carry: 4 (30 kg/20 kg)
Memory: 10
Nuyen: 2854

== Priorities ==
Metatype: D - Human or Elf
Attributes: C - 16 Attributes
Special: E - Mundane
Skills: B - 36 Skills/5 Skill Groups
Resources: A - 450,000

== Attributes ==
BOD: 2
AGI: 3
REA: 2 (6)
STR: 2
CHA: 3
INT: 6
LOG: 4 (6)
WIL: 4
EDG: 5

== Derived Attributes ==
Essence: 1.54
Initiative: 12 + 2d6
Rigger Initiative: 12 + 2d6
Astral Initiative:
Matrix AR Initiative: 12 + 2d6
Matrix Cold Initiative: 6 + DP + 3d6
Matrix Hot Initiative: 6 + DP + 4d6
Physical Damage Track: 10
Stun Damage Track: 10

== Limits ==
Physical: 4
Mental: 8
Social: 4
Astral: 8

== Active Skills ==
Cracking Group :5
Cybercombat : 5 Pool: 11
Electronic Warfare : 5 Pool: 11
Hacking : 5 Pool: 11

Automatics : 4 Pool: 7 (12 with arm bonuses and smartlink)
Automotive Mechanic : 1 Pool: 7
Computer : 6 [Matrix Search] Pool: 12 (14)
Etiquette : 3 Pool: 6
First Aid : 1 Pool: 7
Gymnastics : 3 Pool: 6
Hardware : 4 Pool: 10
Navigation : 1 Pool: 7
Perception : 3 Pool: 9
Pilot Ground Craft : 4 [Wheeled] Pool: 10 (12)
Sneaking : 4 Pool: 7
Software : 3 Pool: 9

== Knowledge Skills ==
Area Knowledge : 3 Pool: 9
Data Havens : 4 Pool: 10
English : N Pool: 0
Gang ID : 4 Pool: 10
Matrix Security : 4 Pool: 10
Or'zet : 2 Pool: 8
Street Rumors : 3 Pool: 9

== Contacts ==
Crackerjack (Decker/Programmer) (3, 2)
Doctor Hanna (Street Doc) (2, 1)
Lucy Chen (Fixer)(4, 2)
Sleepy Joe (Gang Leader)(3, 2)

== Qualities ==
Codeslinger (Hack on the fly)
Incompetent (Acting)-Sucks at lying
Prejudiced (Common, Outspoken) (Elves)
SINner (Criminal) (Shiawase, for Trespassing and Matrix Theft)

== Lifestyles ==
Squatter- Joe's Secure Storage 6x12 1 months

== Cyberware/Bioware ==
Cerebral Booster Rating 2
Cybereyes Basic System Rating 3
+Image Link
+Low-Light Vision
+Vision Enhancement Rating 3
+Thermographic Vision
+Flare Comp
Obvious Full Arm (AGI 6, STR 3, Physical 5) (Right)
+Enhanced Agility Rating 3
+Armor Rating 3
+Large Smuggling Compartment (for the cyberdeck)
+Cyberarm Slide
Reaction Enhancers Rating 3 (Used)
Wired Reflexes Rating 1

== Armor ==
Mortimer of London: Berwick Suit 9
Mortimer of London: Greatcoat +3
Chameleon Suit 9

== Weapons ==
+Gas-Vent 3 System
+Smartgun System, Internal
+Personalized Grip
+Shock Pad
+Sound Suppressor
Pool: 7(12) Accuracy: 7 DV: 10P AP: -2(-6) RC: 6
Ares Crusader II
+Gas-Vent 2 System
+Smartgun System, Internal
Pool: 7(12) Accuracy: 7 DV: 7P AP: - RC: 3
Ingram Smartgun X
+Smartgun System, Internal
+Sound Suppressor
Pool: 7(12) Accuracy: 6 DV: 8P AP: -(-4) RC: 3
Unarmed Attack
Pool: 2 Accuracy: 4 DV: 2S AP: - RC: 1

== Commlink ==
Renraku Sensei (ATT: 0, SLZ: 0, DP: 3, FWL: 3)
+AR Gloves
Renraku Tsurugi (ATT: 6, SLZ: 5, DP: 5, FWL: 3)
+Biofeedback Filter
+Signal Scrub
+Virtual Machine
+Baby Monitor

== Gear ==
Ammo: Regular (Machine Pistols) x100
Ammo: APDS (Submachine Guns) x100
Ammo: APDS (Assault Rifles) x200
Data Tap
Earbuds Rating 3
+Audio Enhancement Rating 3
Fake SIN (Frank Langella - Matrix Security expert) Rating 4
+Fake License (Concealed Carry License) Rating 4
+Fake License (Automatic Weapons License) Rating 4
+Fake License (Cyberdeck) Rating 4
Gas Mask
Grapple Gun
Jammer, Area Rating 5
Keycard Copier Rating 1
Maglock Passkey Rating 1
Novacoke x4
Satellite Link
Slap Patch, Stim Patch Rating 4 x4
Standard Tags x10
Stealth Tags x10
Tag Eraser
Tool Kit (Hardware)
Zen x5
Some thoughts:

You are Human with 16 points of Attributes, but I count you spent 18 (possible you raised some with karma)
You are mundane, so you have no Astral pool
Skills - Looks like you took the Cracking Skill Group, and then 39 other skill points worth of skills, although you only have 36 (again, perhaps raised some with karma)
Contacts - you have 19 points worth of Contacts, but only 9 points (Charisma x3)

Looks like you have 37 points of karma (after paying for Codeslinger) - so 10 points would go toward Contacts, assume 20 more to raise two of your Attributes of a 1 to a 2, and then 7 more to raise skills - that is the only place where I can't figure out what you did.

You have a Datajack, which means you don't need AR Gloves. You have full senses due to your DNI.

Apart from that, looks good. The only thing to point out is that you are very fragile - with only a 2 body you may not want to be in combat very often wink.gif
With a BOD of 2 your phy mon is 9, not 10.

Reactions Enhancers 3 is availability 15- you can only purchase up to availability 12.

You have restricted cyberware but no license for them-you can get arrested if they notice it with a scan.

You have license for the automatics but no conceal/carry permit which is separate from the license to own them.

You have forbidden weapons/ammo, no license covers them-so if your caught with them, you're arrested.
(The APDS, the silencer you added to the Crusader, Ares Alpha)
Not that us shadowrunners care about breaking the law, right?

Evidently, you put the 5 Group points into Cracking, you should list it as Cracking 5 instead of three separate skills as it is cheaper to go from Cracking 5 to Cracking 6 than to raise each skill individually.

I'd get rid of the vision magnification in the cybereyes and go with flare compensation.
Put improved rangefinders in your weapons.
Vision magnification requires an aim action to get the benefit (while precluding any other benefit of Aim) while the improved rangefinder requires no action whatsoever.
QUOTE (PraetorGradivus @ Feb 16 2015, 04:01 PM) *
With a BOD of 2 your phy mon is 9, not 10.

His Cyberarm gives him +1 to his Physical Condition Monitor
The reaction enhancers are used. Chummer tells me that makes the availability code 11.
I'll fix the license issue, and the flare comp.

Sorry, forgot about the cyberarm.
Yes, if its used, you can buy Reaction Enhancers 3. I assume standard grade unless its written otherwise.

You might want to consider a FN HAR instead of the Ares Alph as it's restricted, not forbidden.
The lasersight is not listed as internal, therefore it's top mounted-get rid of it, add smartlink.
You loose 1 point of damage, but your fake license will allow you to take it with you.

Of course, you could take the AK-97 (also restricted) and since it basically comes with nothing, trick it out anyway you please.

Lastly, I'd skip the machinepistol- at character generation that is and buy it later. I'd use the money to buy armor modifications. Hell, if I could finagle the numbers I'd get a Berwick suit and a greatcoat or just a greatcoat. Put a sling on the submachimegun and you can hide it under the greatcoat behind your back.
Good advice.
Switched the weapons around. Went with a customized AK97. Dropped the APDS and suppressor for the machine pistol and added a slide mount, as that's what he'll always have with him, so it's what's going to get seen by the cops if anything is. The whole point to even having the AK is vehicles and spirits, so I feel like the APDS is a must have for the AK.
Dropped the Armor jacket.
Used the money to get a Berwick Suit and a greatcoat. Still have the Chameleon suit, so he can switch into it for serious action, keeping the greatcoat on.
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