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Full Version: Loyalty test and blackmailing [Run Faster]
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Hey folks,

i'd like to have a contact for my new char, who is getting blackmailed but i did not exactly get how the loyalty test works out when combined with blackmailing/ intimidation.

p.178, Blackmailing
If the contact fails a Loyalty (Leverage) Test it means
he doesnít care who knows what heís being blackmailed

p. 177, Loyalty test
If a contact is under duress, their loyalty to the character
may be tested. Make a Loyalty Test to see whether the contact
can resist intimidation, torture, bribes, etc. Roll the characterís
Intuition + the contactís Loyalty rating, and apply the hits as bonus
dice to the usual resistance roll
. Other actions done or not done
by the character can also lead to Loyalty Tests.

I can not manage to bring those two parts together to figure out a rational use of this rule. I dont know if this is due to my missing language skills or just does not make any sense at all. Also i dont get, what the "usual resistance roll" ist.

Sorry for bad english, and thanks in advance

think of it as a teamwork test on resisting torture.
Yeah, unfortunately this does not help at all.

I dont even think that those two parts belong together. I would appreciate if someone, that understands the new contact rules completely, would give me an example how, when and how often, lets say, a Rating 3, Loyalty (Leverage) 4 Contact has to roll those loyalty-tests and why characters intuition should influence that test in any way.

Thank you.
Jeah, i think ive got it. The contact does not roll loyalty tests at all, if not bothered. That was, obviously a problem of misunderstanding the language. Sorry for bothering and thank you anyway.

Close please

PS: That makes this contact quality very powerful - not having to pay for favours or services is imho very very mighty.
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