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Full Version: Found a like new copy of 2XS!
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Been looking for anything Nigel Findley in the Shadowrun department and finally stumbled across a fine copy of 2XS!

The new one:

The rest of the collection (missing Fire & Frost and Nosferatu):

It is the oldest vintage Shadowrun novel I own now (unsure if it is like a 1992 or a 2003 printing though, so my copy of Nosferatu may be older). The only other old thing I own is a copy of the 1st edition Grimoire (14th edition, 2050).

I know it pales in comparison to most collections, but I've only collected like 3 old Shadowrun books in the past 5 years. So I am very excited!
One of these days, I'll have to get all my SR/Btech fiction books out of the box they're in and get them into a new bookcase.
That one of the really good ones, in my opinion. Nice purchase.

Does your store stock any of the later titles?
QUOTE (melquisedeq @ Feb 26 2015, 08:55 AM) *
That one of the really good ones, in my opinion. Nice purchase.

Does your store stock any of the later titles?

Picked this one up from out of town. My local store hasn't had Shadowrun novels for about 4 or 5 years sadly. They did get in an SR1 book (The Grimoire, 2050) but I snatched that up immediately.
One of the best, congratulations for getting a copy. Read it, just collecting that one is a waste.
My german nosferatu copy is very battered . . the rear cover is missing and the pages are all mucked up because it fell into a puddle as well <.<
but i do own them all.
Bastard! Nice catch:)
Holy crap! I just remembered I had quite a few duplicate Shadowrun novels...
Is anyone interested in:

- complete Secrets of Power trilogy (Never Deal With a Dragon, Choose Your Enemies Carefully, Find Your Own Truth)
- Never Deal With a Dragon (yet another copy)
- Never Trust an Elf
- 2XS
- Shadowplay
- Night's Pawn
- World's Without End

And I am now the proud owner of a copy of Burning Bright!
And one final score -- SR2 core rulebook!
Burning Bright was a good one too. It's been a while but IIRC the Sargent/Gascoigne (sp?) novels were good. Also liked Lisa Smedman, Caroline Specter. If you get Worlds Without End, look for Scars too. Also Jack Koke and Tom Dowd. Tom Dowd should be required reading really.

Just avoid Nyx Smith if you're going for old novels.
Also totally random, but met Tom Baxa who has done a lot of art work for SR over the years (as well as Darksun! Yay!) at a San Diego Comic Con. I never much liked his stuff for SR, although I love it for Darksun strangely. But he was one of the nicest guys I've ever met.

Also Echo Chernik and her husband were really cool. It's just funny the people you meet. Hope to get out to GenCon one of these years and meet some of the people here face to face.

Sorry for the derail.
I found something slightly less exciting cleaning out a closet, but perhaps more amusing.

A copy of KA'GE magazine and my membership card for The Shadowrun Network.


That's a beaut of a find! /jealousy

All of my SR novels are so decrepit the covers are rotting off XD
I happened to pick up an apparently unread copy of The Lucifer Deck by Lisa Smedman at the Salvation Army for fifty cents the other day.

I was astonished to even see it there and had to buy it.
How was that one? I never got to read it.
written well enough, even if the story, of course, violated the universes rules and laws like nobodys business again.
Most of the novels play a bit fast and loose with the rules, because the rules are the least important part of Shadowrun. I had that conversation the other day elsewhere, and firmly stand behind the concept that Shadowrun is never going to have elegant, consistent rules. The setting is the important part.
Speaking of interesting finds...the other day I was cleaning out my storage locker and rediscovered a large box full of draft copies of 2XS (called "To Excess" during the draft stage) and Caroline Spector's "Scars" (an Earthdawn novel that includes Aina Dupree). These are printed hardcopies, early versions of the novels marked up by the FASA editors. I don't even remember exactly how I came to have them, but I remember vaguely that Mike Mulvihill or someone else connected with FASA/FanPro was cleaning out some stuff and offered the files to anyone who'd pay the shipping.

I should run a contest or something, if anyone's interested in these bits of SR history. I only need to keep one of each for myself, and I have six or eight more of the others.
dude! O.O
sign me up for whatever contest for each when you decide how to proceed. biggrin.gif

not me, there are loads of people who can appreaciate something like that way more than me.
QUOTE (Stahlseele @ Apr 3 2015, 09:02 PM) *
not me, there are loads of people who can appreaciate something like that way more than me.

I would be one of those people, for sure! Please sign me up for it too, if that's OK.

Related to the original topic somewhat, today I managed to snag most of the novels I was missing... from a friend, who I had no clue ever had any interest in Shadowrun fiction ever, and for the grand price of 1€ each. What a bloody steal. That plus a recent eBay auction and I'm officially now only missing The Lucifer Deck, Steel Rain, and The Forever Drug. Oh, and Spells & Chrome.

So there's 40 FASA-era novels, then 6 more (Kellan Colt and whatnot), and the latest batch has Spells & Chrome and... what else? What else is out there, in print, for a collector of Shadowrun to get?
Current batch has Fire and Frost, Dark Resonance, Hell on Water, and Crimson so far.

Apparently Crimson has been sighted in the wild (a pic was posted to FB today) so it's out there!
at a quick glance, i have 22+ shadowrun novels on my shelf. a number of those were from library book sales.

i have read nosferatu, and it was okay, although i found the reincarnation romance story to be a bit odd. the sequel, black madonna, had a terrible twist ending of immortal elf nonsense. throw that one across the room when i finished with it, it was such an awful 'twist'. i think the author just wanted to offend people.

2XS is one of the better novels, although i dislike how the sequel includes harlequin. i also rather enjoyed 'dead air', which is an in-setting simchip drama about combat biking.
Really, I think I enjoyed the books that were stand-alone and didn't really deal with anything metaplot wise most.
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