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Hey guys... I'd to join the Play by Posts game... How do I go about it?
How do I create the character? With Chummer or just as on paper and then copy it on here? If so, where?
Is there some kind of tutorial or procedure to follow?
There's a dedicated subforum here on DS. Some are always open, others recruit from time to time, and of course you can create your own.
Character requirements vary, but are often stated in the initial post.
Usually there are two threads, one inplay, the other offplay.
Others can probably tell you more about the general things to consider.

PS: The [img]-tag doesn't work here.
Thanks for letting me know wink.gif

So, should I just post somewhere that I want to join... ???
QUOTE (Wolfman @ Mar 2 2015, 10:42 AM) *
Thanks for letting me know wink.gif

So, should I just post somewhere that I want to join... ???

I would keep an eye on the Welcome to the Shadows thread and see if any are recruiting right now. If so, I would PM the gamemaster (or post there) and see if there is a spot open for you.
Awesome. Will do. Thanks smile.gif
My '2075' thread is always open for new players if that's of interest. Check out the OoC thread here
Ooooh biggrin.gif
Ok... so... 5th Edition, right?
How do I choose my Character level? (Prime, ganger, etc...)
What year? Any age restrictions? Merits/flaws restrictions?

Right now it's basically just the Tribes sub-thread that's open on Dumpshock for the 2075 Thread.
In Shadowgrid there's a different sub-thread called Circus Tricks...
the Tribes are for street scum (the rules on how to generate them is in the above link) while Circus Tricks is standard SR5 but the GM allowed me to use Life Modules instead of priority (so that's an option- however, if you haven't made a character yet, stick to priority).
The two threads are about to merge for the next scene as the caravan in Circus Tricks was badly shot up and the Mechanical (a gang specializing in technical skills) is being asked to provide repairs (for a fee of course).

I believe that another thread is about to open on Dumpshock under 2075, but I don't know when its scheduled to start- you'll have to sk Aria.
Sent you a PM...
You should join Post or Die. We are active and always open to new players - we are no longer dying (can't afford to, too few PC's), but we do have openings!
Sounds interesting... How do I proceed to join? Create a Character with Chummer or something and post it somewhere? Any creation limit?
QUOTE (Sephiroth @ Mar 3 2015, 07:17 PM) *
You should join Post or Die. We are active and always open to new players - we are no longer dying (can't afford to, too few PC's), but we do have openings!

Wait a second... The drain on that Pulse spell matches Street Magic rules, characters built with BPs, and a reference to nanite rules from Augmentation. Is this actually a 4th edition game open for recruitment?

I think I'll have to work up a character to submit.
Yes, we are looking for more players in Post or Die. As the new GM, I have wanted to keep to the original premise, keep posting or your PC dies a horrible death in game, but as Sephiroth says, we are a little short of players.

The game centers on the personal project of Professor, a character whose academic career was destroyed when he was set up to take the fall for a crime committed by an underworld mastermind. He is in the shadows seeking to find that man and clear his own name. The PCs are working for him to solve the mystery and dilemmas.

Professor is the only PC left from the original crew that started playing years ago here on Dumpshock. When the original GM couldn't carry on, I took over, but I wanted to keep Professor's quest alive, so ... there you have it. GM gets to set the stage.

Anyway, we started with six players, and it sure would be good to get back up to that number. It actually would make my job easier.
Allright, count me in then smile.gif
ONLY problem, right now... my wife's grand-mother lost consciousness on march 2nd, in her bedroom... I found her laying on the ground, more or less conscious.... long story short, she's in the ER as we're speaking... I just came back from her place to clean up (still need to go back... *sigh*)
SO... right now, getting my blood-sugar a bit higher (the pleasures of diabetes) and I head back to the hospital... I'll start working on that character when I come back.

any tips on what I should know would be greatly appreciated.
Geez! Take care of Gramma! And as much time as you need to do so.

The mastermind, known as the Blind Man, is deadly dangerous. The team was lucky, and good enough, to survive the first encounter. Do not expect to get a lot of easy challenges.
The old craving... it haunts me...

I'd like to actually take part in an PbP game that doesn't collapse under its own weight. The one time that didn't seem to be happening, my personal life exploded and I kinda fell off the internet for a month or two before my character could really take part in any serious action. (I actually haven't gone back to see what happened - I assume he was just written out, given my disappearance.)

The whole premise of Post or Die always intrigued me, so I think maybe I'll check out the threads and mull over submitting an application. nyahnyah.gif

The net effect of the Post or Die restriction was that as long as a player posted roughly every three or four days, his PC stayed alive -- barring game events of course.

The original thread had a dead list of some 10 PCs, all of whom bit it because of the restrictions. From the original six, who started four and a half years ago, only Professor remains. The original thread, Post or Die, has some fun stuff in it... shadow-ineptitude on the part of Professor, crazy one-in-a-million successes.

I miss old Oswald, the 80+ year old astronaut with the death-from-above dirigible.
As one of the other active players, yes we used to have that 1 post a week or something. But

Also we are using the SR4A rules.
Yeah, we left the "or Die" part behind as we started up again with a new Gm (me) and haven't re-instituted it yet. We'd all be gone, including the GM!
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