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Hi all!

Maybe this has been asked many times, but I realise I lost my text files with all erratas somehow sometimes.

So it's not so hard to find most of them on google, but these are on different web pages, only accessible from google for some, and couldn't find them on the main shadowrun's website... Maybe I looked bad so please in this case call me stupid (but point me to the right place).

So is there a place with all SR3 erratas easily downloadable or does someone have them handy?

These are the ones I know of and that are still accessible if you happen to know the direct link. Navigation on those pages will not work properly (or rather redirect to SR4 errata pages)

Core Rules:

Man & Machine:

Magic In The Shadows:

Cannon Companion:

Rigger 3:


Shadowrun Companion:

Thanks !
These links are dead frown.gif Anyone happen to have a lead on SR3 errata?
there is some here. sadly, not all though.
not sure if these are the latest, but date given is 99, so maybe?

otherwise, i can only offer german:
Still a SR3 purist Stahl?
It seems like someone finally decided that the "old" stuff was no longer needed on that particular web subdomain.

However, you could have a look here. The Wayback Machine obviously captured contents of during the time when the errata page still included all SR3 Errata documents ... including GM screen / Critters booklet and New Seattle Sourcebook that previously weren't linked in this thread.

And this time around I'd suggest making local copies ... silly.gif

Side note: Isn't is heart warming that during SR3 the Errata culture was far better and even included a locations book instead of just the core books?!
Pretty much, yes.

Thank you, i did not manage to get thatout of the internet archive <.<
Nicely done cochise! Thanks.
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