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Full Version: Frank Trollman
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Just read an old article about Frank Trollman being banned from DS. Had something to do with the problems of the lost money. Can you resume why this was done?

disclaimer: i am not a moderator. i have no special access to the moderator boards, never have, and quite likely never will, just like the majority of the other people on dumpshock. i am simply a person who happened to be reasonably active on dumpshock at the time.

more likely, frank was banned for repeatedly crossing the boundaries between polite discussion and flame war.

he was really upset about the freelancers not getting paid (which makes sense). he was also really upset about the embezzlement that was going on, and CGL's efforts to keep it quiet.

both of which are perfectly fine attitudes to have.

but he also tends to get very argumentative and insulting when he's really involved in discussions. not limited solely to those two subjects, either; i believe he has had moderator action taken against him several times before that whole mess.

so, basically, he got banned for starting a lot of flamewars. not because of money (though it was not completely unrelated; most likely the flamewars in question that sent him past the tipping point were on the subject of freelancers not getting paid and the embezzlement of money and CGL's efforts to keep it quiet). if he was to get unbanned, it would most likely only happen *if* the moderators had some reason to believe he no longer has a tendency to start flamewars on a semi-regular basis. and, if he was unbanned, i'm not sure if he would return to being active here anyways.
Ah ok, thank you very much for the detailed summary.
No, Frank has made it quite clear that he would not return.
He is still very argumentative and still very vehemently believes that nice is not neccessarely required in a discussion about facts.
He hasn't changed at all from what i read as far as i can tell. And i think that's a good thing for him.

He is mostly active on a board called the gaming den.
Be warned, most people over there are more used to the Dr.Trollman Posting Style than anything else.
Whoooo....i just cross-checked the gaming den and snooped into the topic "silva is a shitweasel (silva stay out)". I think i got the concept. ^^ And the people say that DS is rude. ^^
Yeah, a few times I have encountered the whole "Dumpshock is a nasty horrible place" thing and been tempted to direct the person to the Gaming Den forums for a real shock.

Then I decide against it because I'm mostly a nice guy.

Me too, so DS cannot be that much of a bad place. ^^
Frank had also nearly maxed out his warning and suspension levels by the time that situation happened, because he felt the TOS was merely a bunch of suggestions and not actual rules. Even if the issue with the freelancer payments and the money not happened, he would likely have been gone within a couple months anyway.

At any rate, this way lies madness. And it's not really relevant for general Shadowrun, so should probably let this conversation die off. I'll ask the active mods to lock it down.
Open Thread for now

If you speak his name too often ....

Feel free to search the history, there should be everything you want to know there.
He's basically Candlejack, except in textual form.



QUOTE (DireRadiant @ May 4 2015, 02:30 PM) *
Feel free to search the history, there should be everything you want to know there.

I believe you meant to say, "Feel free to Google it, since the Dumpshock search functionality is all but completely worthless." wink.gif
Iīm fine. I know what i wanted to know. Letīs close the thread before we summon the Trollman. ^^
Even if he wasn't banned, he still would not come back.
Closed at the request of the thread creator.
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