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This thread is going to be about things related to my SR5 Campaign "A New Horizon".

The campaign is called "A New Horizon"; the characters are a ragtag team of runners, who have been hired by Horizon to clear out the Vermont Knolls on Los Angeles for an expansion of Horizons corporate enclave. Ther original idea was to take morally upright runners and then slowly corrupt them though more and more henious acts, but the players circumvented it by creating morally corrupt corporate henchmen, so that idea died faster then a orc at Alamos 20K barbeque.

Instead the focus is now on the intersection between the shadowrunning world & the entertainment industry and on the contrast between shadowrunning and modern management practices (aka upbeat, postive and effin annoying). As a result the team is torn between shooting their manager for being a over-positive twat and not doing it because he is about to land them as very lucrative Simsense contract. It's all fun and games.

So far they've:
- killed two trolls in combat
- poisoned the DIY-watersupply for around 10.000 people
- assasineted the main mechanics (key personell) for said watersupply
- been hired as main characters for a Quentin Tarantino-style simsense documentary program about runners (aka themselves).

Tonight they'll be hired to provide security for Horizon handing out bottled water and relocation brochures. The menu: shedim, insect spirits and gangers.

Tymeaus Jalynsfein
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Heh never underestimate the willingness of players to go, "Eh, lets just be evil". Nothing wrong with it. Heh be thankful they didn't go, "Eh, lets just be Kender"
I have yet to be surprised by assuming players will do "evil" stuff, but I have been shocked by players doing heroic or kind things. Like adopting a minor npc, or being really, really upset that a sniper killed their ottoman, rather than them.
Recently started my own campaign with a very small team (two players and the occasional support NPC).

Started things off with a literal milkrun on a timer, breaking a refrigerated truck full of 100% pure bovine goodness out of lockup at a Vory controlled impound yard, where it had been illegally impounded at the behest of the truck owner's major business rival, tied up with red tape long enough for the cargo to spoil in the heat. The team bustied up a local thrill gang and an organlegging loanshark in the process of getting it back, earning an in with the Russians to boot.

Their next job they got wind of a bit of "secret" info about an Ares researcher jumping ship to EVO on the down low, with valuable weapons project data as a sweetener, and the Johnson wanted the data for himself. Unbeknownst to them Ares was suspicious of the researcher's loyalties and were watching his actions, EVO changed plans and moved their extraction schedule up by an hour, an ambitious Yakuza lieutenant wanted to steal and ransom the datachip as leverage for a supply deal with Ares, and Saeder-Krupp had gotten wind of all of this through a few well placed spies and was waiting to see who came out on top so they could just take the goods from them. Oh, and the researcher was actually doublecrossing both EVO and Ares and faked his own death.

The Runners did an astoundingly good job playing the various parties off of one another and never being detected except by the researcher and his bodyguard, who they helped escape into the underground in exchange for an extra payday.

I'm working them up to a reveal that their Fixer is actually ex-corporate, and also that their both being "freaks" (a metavariant and a changeling) isn't just a coincidence, but actually ties into his past work for EVO and his own personal quest for redemption. But first they need to find out that their new safehouse is haunted by a Slavic house spirit who is angry at their invasion of his deceased prior master's "home", and then they need to help out their local stlyish pansexual Argentinian troll milspec arms dealer (his name is Mango, and yes, he is happy to see you) by investigating a rival dealer's inexplicable source of quality weapons at absurdly low prices (spoiler, he stole them from some very angry people who finally catch up with him just around the time the Runners do).

All that said, I'd be quite interested to hear more about YOUR campaign! Do please give us details as they develop!

The characters have to main contact-persons in Horizon: their handler Eduardo "Gonzo" Gonzales and the fixer Tryka.

Eduardo is a midlevel, middleaged manager in Horizon, who sees this team as his chance to make it big. They've already show results and he need results, goddammit. The players don't know this, but he is milking every single favor he has in Horizon to fund them - as part of their tasks aren't approved from up on high. Luckily, he has worked a lot in Horizon and Horizonlike companies (media & IT), so he knows how to exploit the corporate non-structure to keep their secrets secret, Ed is divorced and sees his kids - a boy & a girl - every other weekend. He loves them, but has a hard time commiting to parenthood. He is universally loathed by the team; he is always positive, sees opportunities instead of problems and never says no - he's always wiling to see if he can help out. He is the archetypical spineless middle manager.


He usually dressed more casual then this: a windbreaker and no tie - he doesn't want to appear too corp. Eduardo is not very clever. In fact: he is in WAY over his head, but he doesn't realize it. He might not even realize it even when everything comes crashing down and people are shooting at him.

Tryka is a very beautiful elven fixer. She has massive trust issues and generally just uses people. She uses her looks and social skills to her advantage, but is essentially a sociopath. The whole "poison the water"-idea was hers from the beginning.

It's pretty enevitable that she's going to take advantage of the naive 19 year old sniper in the group soon or later.

So we played wednesday and it was good.

The players are working for Horizon and have poisoned the watersupply in Vermont Knolls as a motivation to make people move. Next step in the plan is to hand out free "Crystal Relief" bottled water with accompanying pampflets about Horizon's relocation offer and a ticket to the relocation bus.

The characters were hired to do security for one of the WaterStations. I wanted this to serve four goals:
- they'd learn about the dangers in Shadowrun Universe ™,
- they'd understand how much they - as runners - stick in a Google/Apple/Holywood-like company like Horizon
- they'd be introduced to LARI - the Los Angeles Reclamation Inititiative (more about them later; think Double Exposure)
- they'd get an understand and potentially sympathy for the people, that they are about to drive out of their homes in Vermont Knolls.

The characters started out with an briefing alongside the other staff at the WaterStation. The rest of the staff was 4 very young male security guards (think mallcops) and 4 very young, beautiful women in tight suits, who were going to hand out the water. Add 6 runners - rugged, brutal, blunt people who handle problems through violence and who packs tons of visible weapons. Everybody was smiling and happy, but they also all know that those people were not us.

And apparently none of the WaterStation Team know that Horizon was the source of the contaminated water?

The location of the WaterStation was going to be at a large parking lot at the edge of the water. It used to be the parking lot of a WallMart, but the shop slid into the ocean during the quake. The runners is sent there to scout out the area. VK is normally sprawling with people, but for some reason there aren't a lot of people by the seaside. Except for three bums that have camped in the burned-out cars on the parking lot. The street sammy - Sabanto - approaches them and tries to talk to them. They don't reply, but approaches him. He pulls out his sword and put it on the throat of the front one. When the bum looked up, the sammy realized that the missing eyes and face was a good indicator that this bum died a long time ago.

And without further ado, they eliminated the three shedim. Just like that. Before the shedim even had a chance to act, they were (re-)dead. To decapiptations and a bullet through the chest.

This reminded me that I'm playing with a group of experienced Shadowrun-players and they have made some very effective and specialised characters. If I am going to challenge them, I'll have to do the same.

The runners declared the parking lot safe and the WaterStation team moved in. Trucks were driven in, tables were set, lines were organised and water was handed out. Everything was bliss for a while, as the locals came by, got water and some of them were lured onboard the bus to the new Horizon Enclave outside of LA.

Shortly after two local gangers from the "Nolls" gang showed up and wanted to know what was happening - and to extort some money for the daily expenses. But even before they had a chance to say "That's a mighty fine shop you have here, it would be a shame if something happened to it", the physad had pulled out two batons and floored them both in one swoop. Once again: they didn't have a chance. The crew put the unconcious youths on the bus to the new enclave and continue there work.

Competition - LARI
Next event was the arrival of LARI - Los Angeles Reclamation Initiative. This is pretty much the setup from Double Exposure. Unfortunally my players (probably) know the scenario, so I've had to change the details a bit. More about this later as they encounter it more.

The LARI wanted to set up a water distribution in the same way as Horizon and they were very insisting - repeating "You have to move out, we want to set up a water distribution here". The runners didn't want a fight - it looks bad on the press - so eventually they managed to persuade the LARI-people to set op on one end of the parking lot.

Gangs 2nd ed
Thing were running smoothly when a car full of "Nolls"-gangers decided that they wanted to know what happened with the first two gangers. They want to make an epic entrance with screaming tires and a lot of yelling, but when they reached the parking lot, the team mage decided to use Control Mind to persuade the driver to drive on. The gangers drove a bit down the road, then the driver was kicked out of the car and subsequently beaten up by the gangleader for not stopping. The gang then walked down to the team to beat them up. However, before they managed to do anything, the sniper blew the head of the gang boss and the rest of the gang decided to beat it.

I need stronger opposition.

Ideas, suggestions, comments - hit me!

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