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Full Version: Dismissing?
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Was reading the section in the back of CalFree that talks about making Mutant and Toxic critters, and noticed one of thier powers was 'Dismissing'. I haven't been able to find any reference to Dismissing in any of my other books, or any articles here on DS. Is this just a mis-spelling of Dispelling, or something else?
No you read right.

But CalFree is an 2nd Ed book and so is the "Dismissal" power.

It doesnt exist anymore in 3rd Ed like "Alienation".



A creatur employing dismissal power triggers feelings of unease and discomfort in the mind of the victim.

Standard oppose test (Essence vs. Willpower)

If victim scores fewer successes, it feels like an intruder and cant get closer to lair of critter (repeat opposed tests).

Source: Paranormal Animals of Europe

That was a very short explaination of that power.
Thanks! I'd looked in the Creatures pamphlet (the one with the GM screen) and PoNA, but don't have PoE yet.

Wonder why they dropped it?
A Clockwork Lime
Because it's basically just a Fear variant.
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