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Full Version: Nobody knows like Tamanoe's
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Best line in the whole piece?

'I did not know I had been served with human meat, and that it was that expensive.' eek.gif

We know Tamanous delivers, but who knew they had restaurant outlets? wink.gif

They had them since Cyberpirates, actually.
I believe I know what I want to do for a run now. Mwahahaha.
In particular, I'm thinking about using a few different ideas. The Raliegh Underground suggest the idea of an old underground mall, since sealed off, mostly. Let's say a colony of ghouls have set up down there, and they creep out at night to go and do their nefarious and ghoulish deeds. To wit, they kidnap homeless people and the occasional university student and then eat them.

So, that's the climax, the pivotal scene I want to create: stalking through the abandoned mall, fighting against both feral and intelligent ghouls who don't want their lair to be exposed. Good visceral combat, killing things which ain't right.

So how to get'em down there? I'm thinking something like a simple stake-out and shadow job, of a corporate prodigy who is going to school. Her dad, fearing some sort of extraction or kidnapping scheme, has hired a bodyguard. However, he's learned a little more about his guard, and has a deep amount of distrust for said bodyguard. Here's where hiring the party comes in: they're supposed to be insurance.

Of course, bad things happen, a team comes out to get the McGuffin, the bodyguard is severely wounded, but not killed. The opposition team spirits the girl into a warehouse/store, or the sewers(because... sewers!), then goes into the underground ghoul nest, unknowingly. The ghouls rip apart the team(perhaps 1 or 2 survive) and carry off the wounded to their larder. The party has to go in.

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