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Full Version: Goring Horns Foci/Adept Powers
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I'm asking this here, though I already asked a version of this question on Shadowgrid.
However, some people post only here so I want theit opinions too.

Goring horn: which of the following would you consider true.

1) Because it uses Exotic Melee Weapon skill it's a weapon and can be made into a weapon foci

2) It's a natural extension of your body and so would be like unarmed you can buy killing hands, penetrating strike etc but it can't be a weapon foci.

3) It's a natural extension of your body but you can't use killing hands etc because it doesn't use the unarmed skill.

4) It can be both a weapon foci and get killing hands etc.
For SR 1-4 you can't make a Part of your Body a Focus. You can only make a Focus and then implement it (like Spurs). So only implementet horns can be a Focus.

For killing Hands I would allow it as a seperate Power for the horns (or horns only, if the char has not the powers yet).
By default I would say option 2 probably fits the bill the closest and has the most support rulewise.

However, one could make the argument for turning the horns into a weapon foci, though it would take a fairly lenient GM to houserule this since it basically means a foci that is literally welded on to you with all that implies.

However for balance purposes if you allow the horns to be a weapon foci it is one or the other with adept powers, ie natural horns could be using the adept powers specific to unarmed attacks, but if you make them a weapon foci they don't get to use elemental strike on top of whatever the foci is.

So natural horn could elemental strike, horn foci has to use elemental weapon, meaning a bit more karma investment to pull it off.
I should have have put the SR5 moniker on this...I don't have SR1/2 rules but SR 3/4 definitively was a no to making horns into a weapon foci.

If you treat it as answer 1, a starting character could have a wepon foci 6 (restricted gear) which adds 6 DP and averages 2 net hits.

If you go with answer 2, a starting character can go with killing hands, penetrating strike, elemental strike (electricity), you end up with AP -4 (reducing the defenders armor dice by an additional 3 dice over standard horns) plus you reduce the enemies initiative.

Either way, it's an effective weapon.

If you go with answer 3, why bother with it if your an adept/mystic adept: there's better choices.

If you go with answer 4, then you know your GM is a pushover- this is starting to go into broken territory.
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