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Full Version: [SR5] Used stuff
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I'm making a character and wants to make a beat-up unstable Ford Americar a part of his image.

Are there any rules in SR5 for buying used stuff? unstable stuff?

I'm also thinking used guns, electronics etc.

I think it should be a Ďtalk with your GMí sort of thing. The danger of allowing it is that it can be abused as a way for people to squeeze in more gear, with the cost being hard to enforce (you need a GM willing to either periodically say something fails, or else adding a bunch or rolls).

Actually, I take back talking to your GM, at least as first step. First step is for you to decide what you want the story impact to be. If the car should get you from A to B, but it looks beat up, makes odd noises sometimes, etc, then it is pure story gloss, pay your nuyen, and just describe it in game. If you actually want it to be inferior in performance to a standard Americar (it isnít always running, the body is lower and sometimes other stats are too, you have to put money into it beyond what is covered by your lifestyle), THEN talk to your GM about whether you can get a discount.

And another thought: look at your lifestyle. If it is low, it is probably assumed that your car is looking a bit rough, because you are only doing the bare minimum to keep it on the road (and if it lower than low, then you are probably sleeping in the car and praying that it keeps running because you havenít had the money for diddly-squat)
Think SR4 just had a blurb about it too +4 avail 20-50% off run and gun have gear qualities like counterfeit -1 to -5 rating or reduced accuracy or localize gremlin quality for that item or maybe reduced damage course theres always hot items that are linked to murders or hacking attempts or have their rfids stealthed still inplace or buying from and undercover lone star knight errant cop
I always thought that +4 availability mod was weird. Used cars are harder to find than new? Should have been the other way. We usually would pick a stat and lower it by whatever percentage you got as a discount to account for just how used the car is.
For weapons and such we used blanket 20% discount from the core rule book with the added bonus of not knowing what it was used for before you got it. "Why no officer, I had no idea this was used in a triple homicide. Ares and Aztechnology are looking for the killer? Um, I just found it laying there on the road. Really. No no not the clubs! Arrgggh etc etc"
Course if you have bullets and bandages suppliment you can always mimic the effects of severe wounds on the drones/cars you buy
Run and Gun has rules for "lightly worn" armor; the main book has rules for used augmentations. Anything else, you and your GM will need to house rule.
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