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Full Version: [Alt] Shadowrun: Universes
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Many of my most recent posts here refer to my home system for Shadowrun, so I decided to post about it, in case anyone would be interested.

I'll start with a basic overview of the concept and a short summary of the base rules (leaving out some details) to avoid TLDR. If anyone is interested, I'll develop more.

I've called the project Shadowrun: Universes (SRU in short).

Why Universes?
Because there are many different views of the Shadowrun universe and they don't necessarily mesh well.
For some people it's a techno-thriller: our world with magic and cyber.
For others it's a 80s cyberpunk world
For others it's a Post-cyberpunk world closer to Ghost in the Shell.
The official line is trying to be broad enough to please everyone, but I prefer to acknowledge the differences and actively support each playing style rather than offer bland rules that passively support them and don't really please anyone. While the base rules are the same, each "universe" will have its own variations.

Basic resolution mechanism:
[ Spoiler ]

Character creation
[ Spoiler ]

Combat rules
[ Spoiler ]

[ Spoiler ]

[ Spoiler ]

Social rules
(Short version)

[ Spoiler ]

Vehicle rules
[ Spoiler ]

Drones and rigging
[ Spoiler ]

Legwork and infiltration
[ Spoiler ]

Gear, powers and stuff

[ Spoiler ]

Feel free to comment, or ask questions.
That is quite the block of text. Lots of interesting ideas. I've been working on my own house rules for awhile now.
I've tried to keep it as short as possible.
Good luck on your house rules! Feel free to borrow whatever you want from mine. smile.gif
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