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Prime Mover
Been scanning the old Kage shadowrun print fanzines. Not sure about sharing contents publicly and open to any official advice. Found B&W versions of these but not full color and not a full set anywhere. I've also added Kage symbol from the back of every issue. Kage ran 12 issues, 10 paper and 2 with glossy covers. The run had two owners with second owner only producing 2 issues. This mag was followed up by the short lived Shadowland fanzine.
Very nice! I'd personally love the content too, but yeah, in terms of rights that's kinda murky water.
Prime Mover
Content varies wildly from wow thats a neat spell,program,piece of gear etc.. To fiction that is really hard to follow and city write ups that push well beyond setting.
Isn't the Frankfurt setting from Ka-Ge?
Prime Mover
Boston, Minneapolis-Saint Paul and Australia / Brisbane were covered in Kage. Gross-Frankfurt was covered in Shadowland issues 1 and 2 iirc.
Ah right, Boston it was. That still made it's way into canon anyway, IIRC?

What does the magazine say under whose IP rights it was published, though? Maybe you can contact whoever that was/now is and ask about the full run, copied and PDF'd? I'd even pay for them via DTRPG.
The covers, and more information about the content of each magazine, was already available at

And Ka-ge #12 is available together with my Virtual Seattle Scenarios at
Many thanks Larsine. One more Issue of Ka-Ge in my collection. Also, thanks for the scenarios! I love small scenarios, they make spontaneously running a game so much easier.
Thanks for sharing, and thanks for the link. I had no idea this was even a thing.
Black Mamba

I'm bumping this in hopes that you'll respond to a private message I sent last week.


Prime Mover
Sorry for delay...should have reply now.
Better late than never...

Larsine: thank you for the VS materials. I'd been looking for those for years. You're awesome.
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