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Full Version: cyberware and astral projection
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If a mage is astrally projecting his body and moves through a being's physical body then can the mage view the details of any installed cyberware of the being??

Assuming it exists can the mage view the serial number or identifing marks of the manufacturer on a piece of installed cyberware inside a being's skin??

For example reading the serial number of a cyber eye.
A Clockwork Lime
Nope. He could make a standard Assensing Test to figure out what he's seeing in their aura, though, but passing through the victim won't provide any additional information.

Reading is strictly a no-no for astrally projecting characters, too.
He might be able to tell the general areas for cyberware based on the dark patches in the person's aura, but besides that, no.
Moving through a person might occasionally provide information, though. If they've got active cybernetic weapon foci you'll find it impossible to move through their arm or leg or whatever.
Hmmm... I don't have M&M with me right now, but exactly how large is the area of karmic hazing that comes off a cyberzombie? Would it be enough to cloak the CZs presence? Y'know, adding perception modifiers for assensing or similar?
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