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Full Version: Multiple personafix = Sens8te
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So inspired by sens8te/Doll house and a particular character in the Wild Card series, this concept character is a basically a bundle of persona-fixs with clustered skill sets.

Unlike the Chuck thread spitball, this more a dominant personality that adopts a complete personality and skills to A) deal with a job and B) the emotional stresses there in.

How these are triggered/downloaded into the grey matter? Is it worth the time etc is my, 'what do your gals and guys?'

As a an acting challenge I think it would be -interesting- probably in the Chinese sense of the word.

If you get board you would basically have several characters to juggle.

Check out London Falling for a statted NPC of that concept.

The primary way to download anything into brains in SR is currently CFD, a nanite plague which is incurable under current rules, but which has a similar effect. Maybe build an AI character and have them inhabit an infected character? That would require some house rules, but what game of SR5 runs RAW.
Modular Man
Interesting concept.
If you're not using CFD (I wouldn't, because, face it, it's a nanite disease that rewrites part of your brain), skillwires would have to be added to the mix. If I'm not mistaken, in SR5, you'd also need that skilljack or what's it called, that headware for Lingua- and Knowsofts, in SR4 these can be applied via a normal Sim module.

Scary thing is: SR4 has a specific notorious criminal (detailed in "Vice") by the name of "Charlie Wire". He somehow programs people into assassins, after fulfilling their missions, they take their own lives. 90% of his victims have skillwires, more often than not freshly implanted. I highly suspect him to be something along the lines of our idea.

You know, it's funny: When I first heard of the CFD storyline in Shadowrun, I thought "Yeah, this is the way we can create a Dollhouse scenario here" - specifically the scenario shown in the two "Epitaph"-titled episodes. I really, really liked those and can recommend them. The series has it's low points (many of them), but these two episodes really fascinated me.

I'm not quite sure how to throw in "Sense8" into this concept.
I have some concept in the back of my head that utilizes disguised humanoid drones and multiple operators who can simply swap places upon needed skillsets, though. Might even introduce that into my current group.
There's also nothing stopping a cyborg to ask in an outside operator for it's own body.
Combine that with a scenario like "Surrogates" where people don't self-identify with their drone avatars, have a small group/cult that does that, and you get interesting results... hm, campaign idea right there.

Which "Wild Cards"-character would that be? Only people I could think of where Puppetman and Sleeper. Then again, I sadly didn't read the whole series. Edit: Just read up on Wikipedia. That would be Prime, creator of the Jumpers?
Sens8 really is a very powerful mind link spell that works over indeterminate distances.
As to the Wild Card series I was thinking Captain Trips as the inspiration, as his power manifests as different persona Aces.
I'd go with the Renraku package out of Chrome Flesh ... Skilljack 4, Skillwires 4, and Chipjack 4, which lets you run 4 skills at the same time, while having two more available for a 'hotswap'. Add in a Datajack to handle the Personafix, and suddenly you're ready to roll out. Skill packages that match the identity you slot, a personality that defines them, and you can just become a new person when you want, and be skilled enough to pass in the role.
I'd personally recommend SR4, Skillwires and the skillwire/personafix packages from Twilight Horizon (I miss program packages).
QUOTE (hermit @ Jul 14 2015, 09:58 AM) *
I'd personally recommend SR4, Skillwires and the skillwire/personafix packages from Twilight Horizon (I miss program packages).

I wrote those too. biggrin.gif
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