So, how do you handle vehicle possessions? Suppose we have a shaman of a possession tradition, a tank and a fighter jet.

What happens when he summons spirits to possess both? As per Street Magic, p. 112, the spirits' attributes will increase Body, Armor, and Speed, but not Handling, Pilot or Device Rating. Furthermore, the possessed vehicle will use the spirit's attributes to calculate initiative.

"While the spirit may use all of its powers on the physical plane through such a vessel, it may only animate it to perform actions the vessel could otherwise mechanically perform. For instance, a possessed gun would be able to fire or eject a clip, but would be unable to move by itself or access its smartgun functions. Likewise, a possessed bright-red SAAB Fury would be able to drive itself, but not access GridLink, use a Pilot program, or target weapons with sensors. As a rule of thumb, spirits can control mechanical functions, and not those which require complex electronic, DNI, or wireless controls".

Now, how would you rule, is a spirit able to shoot the tank's cannon or launch missiles? Fly the fighter jet at all? Will both possessed vehicles gain Immunity from Normal Weapons; and can a spirit use Movement on its vessel? For that matter, suppose there's still crew inside the vehicles; will they be able to shoot the cannon or launch the missiles? Or control the vessels via their normal controls, be they manual or DNI?