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Full Version: Omaha in Shadowrun
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Czar Eggbert
I'm curious, has anyone has come across any mention of Omaha Nebraska in any official Shadowrun source-books?

Czar Eggbert
Oddly I do not recall much about Omaha.

The main Seattle smuggling route goes further north through Minneapolis then down the Mississipi so Omaha gets left out of that one.

There is a posting on population on the SR wiki, but I have never seen a source for it so take with a grain of soysalt.

Population: 1,760,562
Human: 83%
Elf: 2%
Dwarf: 1%
Ork: 14%
Troll: <1%
Other: 1%
White: 83%
Jewish: 2%
Irish: 7%
Italian: 3%
English: 4%
Czech: 3%
German: 18%
Polish: 3%
Swedish: 2%
Black: 13%
Hispanic: 3%
Puerto Rican: 3%
Aztlaner: 83%
Cuban: 2%
Asian: 1%
Chinese: 19%
Vietnamese: 8%
Asian Indian: 14%
Japanese: 15%
Filipino: 12%
Korean: 13%
Hmong: 4%
Hawai'ian: 2%
Guamanian: 2%
Amerindian: 1%

So I would say it is pretty much an open area so have fun and carve your own fate there. biggrin.gif
Czar Eggbert
Thanks, that's all I could find too. I didn't know if any of the new source material had any info.
its mentioned in Target: smuggler Havens. p85

"Stay away -- oh god stay away -- from Omaha. You will die. Painfully. Omaha is the home of NORAD. They watch out for nukes, and they're the forward base for the UCAS on the NAN front. They usually have AWAC's in the air and more ECCM and ECM stuff than God himself on a good day. They also test their pilots out there, and the last thing you need is a twitchy airjock eager to please his superiors by bagging himself a bogey. I dont even go to Kansas city because it's too damn close."
I have listed a few sources here: At the end of the article under "Quellenindex" right-hand column are English sources. Artifacts Unbound should have a bit on Omaha and Offutt Air Force Base. Other than that as far as I know the most substantial information is what Chance359 quoted above from Target: Smuggler Havens. The rest is small stuff like Meynt-Zai Industries being headquartered in Omaha.

QUOTE (Sendaz @ Jul 30 2015, 01:09 AM) *
There is a posting on population on the SR wiki, but I have never seen a source for it so take with a grain of soysalt.
It reads "Vital Statistics (unofficial)" right there, so no it's not based on official sources. wink.gif
Now I am curious. I want to say there is a bit in the politics book from 4th edition...let me see if I have it in pdf.

> Sticks
Travis Roman is a monster of an Archconservative, a former
linebacker who is loved by every Nebraska Cornhuskers’ fan. At
2.11 meters he towers over every other senator around him and
has earned the nickname “Gentle Giant,” a sobriquet that would
be laughed at by any offensive lineman who ever had to try and
stop this behemoth. He was formerly the Lone Star sheriff ’s chief
in Lancaster County, home of Lincoln. This is his first run at
the Senate, and despite the lack of real political experience he’s
winning over votes by not being a politician. His following in rural
Nebraska is huge, and it’s hard to find a SINner in Lincoln that
doesn’t like this guy’s strut. About the only thing that could stop
Roman’s ascension to the Senate would be proof that he’s as racist
as every other Archconservative, which he doesn’t seem to be.
> That’s because he’s an ork. Every record out there says human but
this guy’s size and aging pattern scream Homo sapiens robustus.
I think he knows that and is conning the Archies. If those slags
on Capitol Hill can overcome revelations that they are Awakened,
I think this guy can beat the “Oh my God, I’m an ork” revelation
when it hits. After he makes it into the Senate.
> Bull
Jeffrey Forester is the incumbent senator and a typical
member of the Republican Party. He toes the party line and
survives on the endorsements of other popular Republicans. He’s
never had a real challenger for his seat and has been having a tough
time wrapping his head around the idea of actively campaigning.
Probably understandable after decades of just sticking his name on
the ballot and picking up another six years. The Republicans really
don’t want to lose their power bloc, so he has been loaned Ladasha
Breigh, a protégé of David Nevsky, Colloton’s campaign manager.
Breigh is running a nice positive campaign on the airwaves but
she’s digging for dirt on Roman in hopes of getting him to back
out of the race before Election Day.
As I live in Omaha I have considered having a run take place here but haven't done so yet.
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