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Full Version: Alternate approaches to Lockdown: Boston?
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(I was intrigued by this Lockdown: Boston, but I really hate reading long things on .pdf (they are OK for reference books, where you are normally looking up one item). Then lo and behold, by FLGS finally had SR5 products in besides the starter box and stacore rules--including Lockdown. (I shouldn't complain about them too much, because of the four stores that I have easy access too, they are the only ones that carried any SR stuff). Between wanting to encourage them to stock more SR material, and be curious about the adventures, I picked the book up. I think it was worth it just for the reading material, best 5th edition book that I've read for catching the traditional SR feel!)

I haven't finished reading every part in detail yet, but I've read enough to have a question:

Anyone used the setting, but either substantially changed the adventures in the book, or ignored those altogether? I'm not saying that they are bad, but there are two reasons I'm not crazy about them:
1) They seem almost more focussed on telling the story of what happened than in letter the players develop their own stories or interests, and
2) They seemto lead to a retirement level event (very large payout, high chance of death, or both)

I'm wondering if others have run it as a 'survive the zombie apolcolypse' or moody/creepy Hitchock like horror, or as a giant sandbox to explore, or something totally differeent? What have you done with the setting, and how did it work out (or is working out if in progress)?

Alternatively, if you have used them more or less as written, do you think my impression of them is off-base?
I haven't read Lockdown: Boston yet, but i'm trying to figure out were to go with my current game. I very much want to do something like you described with 'survive the zombie apolcolypse' or moody/creepy Hitchock like horror' but i'm currently coming up blank.

I did run through Renraku Archology: Shutdown with those same players earlier this year, so I don't necessarily want to do something too similar. Anywho, I'm also interested in the responses you get to this.
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