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Full Version: Where are they now! (Shadowrun Style)
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So I had this fun little idea for a post now inbetween lurking and never actually posting. A game, with perhaps a bit of a morbid twist.

Take any character you previously played but, for whatever reason, shelved the concept entirely at some point. This character has to be one that initially survived the campaign they were in, or one you played for an extended period of time. Briefly describe the character, the campaign, give us an idea of how they were. Then tell us how you imagined they eventually died after the campaign was over. Did they continue running for years and bite a bullet? Did their ware malfunction, or a spirit went wild on them? Maybe they were too cocky due to a successful career and told that asshole troll bouncer how they really felt about his shitty tattoo. The world is yours, a creative endeavor! A dead endeavor. A cadaver?

Make it as long or short as you want, just have fun with it. I had originally intended to offer an incentive, like a piece of morbid art for the most interesting, but I don't have the cash to commission an artist right now. So, the reward is fanfare and everyone knowing how cool/dumb your character died.

I'll even start:
Kyle West; Street Name Ikasu
A young combat decker who got entrenched in the "E-jin Incident" in 2060. The successful campaign left him with an interesting opportunity though, a chance to work for Lowfyr. A chance that he foolishly took. Getting to live in the lap of luxury in exchange for what he was, essentially, already doing as a runner just with a corp tag. Unfortunately Ikasu's success in the shadows came largely in part due to his extensive use of Nano Machines; a technology Saeder Kruppt was more than happy to further indulge him in. Some years later closer to 2072, as AIs became more prominent, he suffered from CFD. His extensive modifications making it incredibly easy to overwrite his personality with that of an AI. Ikasu never realized he was infected, chalking the lapses in memory up to his matrix addictions. His team however caught on rather quickly, having gotten to see the AI personality taking over first hand. After a successful job, a pat on the back was all it took to inject him with a nanite killing "toxin" (An internally designed "Smart Corrosive") that was just as lethal to the host as the nanites. He died alone at home sitting straight up and admiring the view from his ill-gotten home. Killed by his own nanites, poisoned by his own team. Age at death: 30 - Legal Cause of Death: Complications from CFD - Legal Job Position at Death: "Internal Audits" at Saeder Krupp
I played two characters back in first edition. The racoon shaman I know have been alive at least in early 2076 Ė in the 5th edition game that Iím running, the main fixer mentioned that he is still running the small pest control business he started after helping take down the Universal Brotherhood.

Iíll play along with the other one, however. Only problem is that Iíve blanked on his name (he was a face who went by whatever name was on his current fake ID, so I never established a consistent street name for him, and forget his original name). Letís just say that he was going by Rick later on. Rick had been a face when he ran the shadows, maybe not as smooth as some but he took a backseat to nobody when it came to scheming and dreaming, and that ended with him having a house in Bellevue. Sure, it was probably the smallest house for a kilometre in any direction, and it had a shady history, but it was his: a house, with a yard, in fragging Bellevue.

He even had enough credit left to keep the place up and live Ö. modestly. And that was his undoing. Sure the house was nice, but it was hardly furnished, he was still eating soy, he couldnít afford to live the high life. He started schmoozing his wealthy neighbours, looking for opportunities. Of course it wasnít done to ask for work in that sort of neighborhood, but he figured if he made himself liked and showed he was useful, opportunities could arise. Sure enough the daughter of one of his neighbours was kidnapped. Of course they didnít announce it, he saw that something had happened and he went over to find out what and see if he could help solve it. When he found out what had happened he was eager to help get the kid back, for her sake as well as the chance of future favours in return.

What Rick hadnít counted on was the difference in the police in Bellevue. The focus, the attention to detail. He caught their attention, they investigated his background. His ID was very good, but it wasnít that good, and it cracked. Rick did read the signs, and had kept a ready bag, an escape plan, and a fall-back hide-out back in Redmond. He made it out, he made it to the hide-out, he evaded Lonestarís search. But his barrenís brat instincts had eroded. Heíd been seen in his fancy clothes, carrying a high end tote bag. The Razor-Rats werenít much of a gang, just a pack of feral teens with knives and clubs, and Rick thought he was too good to be robbed blind by such low end amateurs. Maybe they would have broke after heíd shot two of them if they werenít on a cocktail of homebrew drugs, but they were. He went down to a flurry of cuts and blows, then to make up for the Rats heíd shot they hauled his comatose form off to an organ-legger who was willing to pay a bit for sufficiently fresh meat.
Skid was a former drone cameraman for a small corporate investigative news team who operated moderately close to to legally (a few locks got in the way, light trespassing, the usual). They investigated the wrong story too closely, and only Skid survived the rocket that hit the news van and the resultant crash. He was declared dead, stole a few drones and a customized vehicle from his own home, and got out. If anyone suspected he was alive, they at least didn't push the issue as long as he (and the information) was gone.

His skills and ambivalence of legality made him a good rigger for his new team in the shadows. He was a bit reckless, but he could get in and out, and he could survive. If he'd have been smart and careful, he'd have had a long and successful career in the shadows.

He started hearing rumors about events that occurred in the building next to the one his news team had been investigating. Nothing most people would think anything of, but combined with recordings from his cybereyes and the knowledge that someone would kill to keep a story quiet, pointed to something important.

He began investigating again, putting pieces together, and began learning who had ordered his team's death and why. They had been innocent people who had gotten too close, and were killed as a precaution. He found the answers he wanted. Sadly, the bullet to the back of the head took that story with it. One last loose end cleared up.
O.E. was a bilingual black arab ork from the Bronx with a colossal chip on his shoulder. and got with MET2000 to the middle east and Sarajevo, and started running in Hamburg afterwards. He pulled off some rather neat runs, including an underwater data steal in the Netherlands. He got out of the campaign alive, but had started to interact with the 10,000 Bullets, an undercover order of gunslingers and mercenaries.

Perhaps they offed him, because he never really trusted anyone. Otherwise he went back to the MET2000, because, face it, running was a pretty hard ordeal for him - and Sarajevo is pretty much Last Stop for most people.
I got two entries.

John Silverstone was my first and so far only Amnesiac character. He woke up in a dumpster one day and named himself after the first thing he saw - the tires of a parked car, made by Silverstone. His past was mysterios and remained so, since I didn't design it. He was a bit of a jack of all trades (a shaman-decker), and in retrospect I channeled Jake Armitage really hard.

Anyway, John thought his Totem was Wolf (though it actually was adversary), and would resort to aggression, threats and violence soon after he discovered he could light people on fire with his thoughts. His tendency to have weird Flashbacks and talk to himself further ostracized his team, who tolerated him for a time. Then the group died a rather loud and unpleasant death after the GM and the co-GM separated and the replacement GM went mad, and I never could use him again since the GM who designed hsi backstory and myself lost contact soon after, for good.

I think his team eventually put John down, after another of his aggressive spells. Maybe in self-defense or to prevent him from fucking up things again, or in a planned, execution style manner. I suspect the latter, since he was really pushing everyone.

My second contribution is D-Fens. A character I played around the time when SR4 came out, he was loosely based on the epinymous Michael Douglas character from Falling Down, he was a former UCAS Marine who had been honorably discharged following a new round of defence cuts. D-Fens went deep into debt to be able to pay off the armed forces and keep most of his cyberware, and would then try and put his skills to use on the free market. He really liked the Free Market. He also had a wife and two daughters and would frequently reminisce that all he does, he does for them.

D-Fens was, in essence a gang-background lower cyber street sam in build. An unusual ganger - his gang actually was more of a militia called the redmond Freemen that had formed around a bowling venue that also did some smuggling and other shady deals on the side. It was made up mostly of men (and some women) from the neighbourhood, many of which had a policing or wannabe police background, and took charge of providing a semblace of order to their corner of Redmond. The Redmond Freemen, however, also were affiliated with a network called New Revolution.

The campaign where he was played was the same I played Silverstone in. I decided that D-Fens took to arms with the New Revolution, along with most Redmond Freemen, and died in the counter-coup by Colloton's faction of the NR. Pity really, I had worked them out in substantial detail. I suppose the same drone strike that ended him and his trailer also killed his family, though maybe I'll make one of the daughters a PC sometime.
I'll Bite.

Real Name: Katrina Knight Street Name: Shadow Kat Profession: Covert Ops Specialist (I know not original but she was made for a party of people entirely new to SR and some to RP)

Kat was a SINer who loved to play the angles. First she owned a business (Martial Arts Dojo) with clients of various degrees from corp to street. She ran 2 side businesses as well; 1st as a security consultant for lesser corps and as a shadowrunner for hire (Try and figure out when she had time to do anything) and all of it was necessary for her operations. If there was a run to be made and she got caught she would use a "Real" (aka fake) order from *CEO name Entered here* to test security by extracting fake (aka Real) *whatever entered here* (which also explains why nothing was in the computers) though she would leave empty handed she would say good job and that she would give positive reviews in her report. (did i forget to mention she may be a bit of a planning freak and like to try and plan for everything) She would have someone on standby to intercept any communication out of the building so they could say release her and good job.

Her martial arts dojo was more for her competitive side as she did enjoy martial arts. If there was a job outside her base of operations she covered her trip as a business trip to a tournament as close to the area as possible.

But her angle came in the form of (appearing to) double cross but wasn't above triple-crossing biggrin.gif [My game master (who was also new) hated me for all of this]. There was a hit put out on *secondary party member (everyone had backup characters as a JIK)* which the whole party verbally declined *Kat accepted via secondary means*. She put her plans into motion where she was going to actually go through as if she was going to fully do the mission but only make it appear that she had actually kill him but wasn't actually going to do it. *he was a SINer also so she was doing this for his death certificate (Bribed doc on standby to sign off)* and planted explosive in the building to cover her tracks. Sadly she didn't tell the party *she wanted honest reactions in case of being watched*. The plan mostly worked *up until time to escape*. She was discovered by the party *oops* and ended up with a shattered arm, busted up ego, and wounded pride *Physadept*. *The building still got blown up; Player still bought off SINer; She still got payed though it did end up going to medical bills*

She did end up being a bit of comedy relief for the party as well. Despite he decent skills I had a tendency to roll glitches with her when she was up high (in the rafters; on a roof; etc.). Example: She was running from someone *Didn't know it was the party as they were running silent* and quickly jumped off the roof. She used her crossbow to shoot a line across the way so she could swing to safety *think batman* sadly she missed *yes, she missed a building that wasn't moving*. Quickly reacting she threw her spare line and grappling hook to the roof she jumped from; she succeeded with a glitch. When the party looks down they see her hanging upside down and tangled in her own line.

I see a few possible endings for her:
She falls from a really high place. Death is classed as a suicide due to her *no pun intended...* high stress *N/M yes it is* lifestyle.
She fails to plan for someone following her plans to plan on triple-crossing her thus she ends up crossed off *again with the puns* someones hit list and maybe via her first method of death... Oh the irony of it all.....
QUOTE (KnightAries @ Sep 3 2015, 02:20 PM) *
She did end up being a bit of comedy relief for the party as well. Despite he decent skills I had a tendency to roll glitches with her when she was up high (in the rafters; on a roof; etc.). Example: She was running from someone *Didn't know it was the party as they were running silent* and quickly jumped off the roof. She used her crossbow to shoot a line across the way so she could swing to safety *think batman* sadly she missed *yes, she missed a building that wasn't moving*. Quickly reacting she threw her spare line and grappling hook to the roof she jumped from; she succeeded with a glitch. When the party looks down they see her hanging upside down and tangled in her own line.

Sounds like one of my friends. He build a character for a game, first time out, and they had an op in a museum. His first actual diceroll with the covert ops specialist he made was trying to escape security guards by rappelling down the side from the roof. Unfortunately, his very first diceroll with the character was also a Critical Glitch, so there was a problem with his line and he fell down the 60+ foot roof, death on impact. The GM asked him if he wanted to burn edge to survive and the player just took a long, slow breath, looked at the character sheet and the dice, and was like "Nope, that was meant to happen, apparently."
Sadly she was in the rafters. Made a Perception check; attempted to dodge *got hit*; tried to make a roll to stop from falling succeeded with a glitch and (IIRC) ended up hanging upside down as her rope got tangled in the rafters and around her foot.

The party didn't know rather to kill her, leave her for the others, or keep her.
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