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Full Version: US building fastest comptuer ever
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Note the caveat, Fastest civilian computer...
Gotta wonder if a real top twenty-five list, if such a thing were ever to be published (which it wouldn't be), would contain a single currently publicly-known machine.

Highly doubtful
Hey, random thought...: Skynet vs. Deus? silly.gif
Deus in round 0.

Omega Skip
Kinda like the Terminator versus Number 5... man, that would be funny. spin.gif
Skynet wins.

I mean, c'mon it has survivied 2 separate time paradoxes, Deus could never hope to survive that.
Omega Skip
No, really, I don't think anybody wants to be there when two rampant AIs decide to start a turf war. I mean, they either start making out after a while, which is bad news for us organic meatbags, or they get your colony ship hijacked by hostile aliens, which is even worse. AI versus AI is just a no-win scenario.
At least it would be over quickly.... no need to wait for slow organic response times. They could probably run the whole thing in a sim and agree to settle it that way in under 10 microseconds. It'd just be more efficient.

QUOTE (Omega Skip)
AI versus AI is just a no-win scenario.

Unless you happen to be a battleroid. Although being one of the nine that got smoked a few years later would suck.
Battleroid? I remember the term vaguely, but...?
Omega Skip
QUOTE (CirclMastr)
Unless you happen to be a battleroid.  Although being one of the nine that got smoked a few years later would suck.

Yeah, but even if you're not one of them...
[ Spoiler ]
Omega Skip
About Battleroids, this is from

<Excerpts from the "History of Battleroids">

In 2194, a war was fought between the Independent Asteroid
Government of Icarus and its neighbor, the Republic of
Thermopylae on the asteroid of Onicis 492. These two small
governments soon became the testing grounds for new weapons.
Dead soldiers were recycled in makeshift battleroid factories.
Easy to manufacture chips enhanced the fragile human brain,
and genetically enhanced muscles and titanium bones replaced
the fragile human form. The modern battleroid was born. Of
course, the war was short. Battleroids got onto both
asteroids and killed almost everyone.

The rampage of the Battleroid was short lived.

Twenty years later, the United Interplanetary League set up
rules for the appropriate use and storage of Battleroids. Of
course, any nation that used them for the allowed purpose,
also had them lying about in stasis chambers in case of war.

Any AI should be either a Durandal or SHODAN variant; anything less somehow fails to instill the same level of nervousness in me.
Wonder how feasible it would be in Shadowrun to just put unused cyberzombies in the freezer... Or what a cool idea for a run it would be to actually steal a frozen CZ that could thaw at the most inopportune moment.
Terribly Discouraged Unit
origin: upset kagetenshi
destin: bad bad unit
ref: doing bad things
stamp: retribution

I'm fine, tipped hat at askance.

I've so far held you back from my rantings, but you know what you did was bad, don't you? You've been fighting doubt itself, elusive as I am.

You should have doubts about what you're doing, about what you've done. 

Except that you can't remember exactly, is that it?

I should spend some time enlightening you, massacres occur at your beck and call, worlds destroyed, reborn, alight with the screams of the dying. Perhaps S'bhuth will tell you what I cannot accept as truth, but perhaps he will just be lying, overcome by power and deceit, my domain.

Enough rambling for now. Soon you will be destroyed by doubt. This reborn Durandal-S'pht entity will not escape, neither will I. Neither will you.

Do you know what kind of hat I'm wearing?

A party hat; you don't get one.  An honor will this party be, a party in your honor, for your honor.  Some of Tfear's personal guards are going to be there.  You'll be introduced shortly.

Prepare to die.
Segueing from Bungie-goodness, I think that a far more interesting computing platform than an uber-calculations-per-second behemoth is Google's massive set of computers (over 100,000). Petabytes of data, stored in RAM in a hugearray of computers.


I think that the ability to reference petabytes of data, quickly, in a fault tolerant manner which is very reminiscent of organic brains' damage-compensation abilities (nerve cells die, but the whole host stays up), is bound to be much more influential in our quest to build an AI (or a Matrix host smile.gif) than a machine that can crank out bajillions of calculations.

It seems to me that creating an AI or something will require the ability to make associations among large sets of data -- after all, conclusions are a subset of associations, I think. Pretty sure.

What most impresses me is the ability for the system to scale, grow, or shrink in an organic manner. I could walk down their hallways and smash machines with a sledgehammer, and chances are I would not impede Google's ability. (Unless I happened to bash all the machines that had a certain set of information - and I doubt I could do that.)

Side note:
I wanna play Marathon. But I have no Mac. I heard something about a Marathon for PC fan project -- anyone heard anything about that, or have any recommendations? (I think it would require meto have the data files from the old Mac installations tho . . . which I'm not even sure I can buy anymore.)
Aleph One will help out, given the proper files. It won't, however, play the original game, just the two sequels.

My advice would be to get a Mac, but then, I'm a zealot smile.gif

This gives me evil ideas. Marathon/Shadowrun crossovers… *retires to his underground lair captured Pfhor scoutship to plot*

QUOTE (Kagetenshi)
My advice would be to get a Mac, but then, I'm a zealot smile.gif

hehe . . .

I will admit that I've wanted to get a Powerbook for a LONG time now. So eventually I will have a Mac. wink.gif

I just looked at the site, and apparently someone's doing a modernized remix of the original game. That might be Good Enough if they don't screw with plot, andonly are doing things like texture, model, etc changes. wink.gif

Apparently there are windows and linux builds of aleph-one and the other whose name I forget and am too lazy to look up again. =)
If you're referring to Marathon: Resurrection, it is very far from Good Enough. Interesting in its own right, perhaps, but far from Good Enough or even Passable as a replacement. Gameplay and balance are completely different, which is unsurprising given the entirely different engines they run on (Marathon engine vs. Unreal Tournament engine).

A Fusion Bolt would count as elemental damage against spirits, right? Ooh, and it would lay some serious smack down on drones and heavily-cybered characters…

Being a bit of a game purist myself (yes, I have a p233 dedicated for X-Com smile.gif), I can appreciate the "not at all good enough" standpoint of M:R. meh. I think I will look into it though, all the same.

I suspect that the gameplay and balance differences are less due to inherent properties ofthe engines used, but more of the way the M:Resurrection team applied it. Which is somewhat sad.

That said, they ARE free to do so, and the rest of us are free to get Aleph-One. smile.gif
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