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Full Version: What book next?
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So I have 5th ed. core rule book. What are the next 5 books I should buy, in order?
6th Ed Core and its followups nyahnyah.gif

Just kidding. biggrin.gif

It depends, what are you looking for?

Player or GM?
New to the game or long time vet?
Wanting more background or more shiny toys to load up with?

I'd recommend Run Faster as your next purchase.
GM. Long time Vet. Played everything up through 3rd. Skipped 4th. Coming back but disposable cash is a little harder to come by then it once was.
All nust IMO--I am sure others would do itdifferently.

Street Grimoire in the top three, because it covers some pretty essential stuff (background count, magical baddies like insect spirits and blood mages) as well as adding a lot of options for magic based characters.

Run Faster is pretty cool, but if you are happy enough with character creation per the core rules, I'd not prioritize it. Get Run and Gun for general gear coolness and Martial Arts, and Data Trails if you are going to have much matrix time.

Fill out your five with background books to taste, depending on what you want to do in your game.
Run Faster

Run & Gun

Chrome Flesh

Street Grimoire

Skip Data Trails. Unless you want rules for AIs.

In that order. Run Faster and Run & Gun both add options for everyone and a lot of tools for GMs. Chrome Flesh is great and has some great 'ware to stat out NPCs with to make them realistic and not just canon fodder. Street Grimoire has a lot of magic rules with a lot of hit and miss stuff. Data Trails adds a few new tricks but over all is the shortest supplement for the system that needs the most crunch, if you stick with core Matrix rules you'll be fine.
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