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Full Version: Dumb Question About Armor Penetration
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So I've got a physadept, she punches people, and I've got elemental strike. I went with Blast, because I like the idea of having powerful punches, but I cannot figure out the armor penetration. So it's 1/2 Impact, I know that, but is that for the entire Impact Pool, or is it just the Impact Armor? In other words, if I have a body of 5 and 2 impact armor, does Blasting Hands get resisted by 4 or 6 (7/2 v. 5+2/2)?


(Sorry, forgot to mention: Shadowrun 4e)
As per Street Grimoire, pg 164:
Blast damage is treated as Physical damage and is
resisted with half Impact armor (rounded up).

So in your example, you would resist the spell with 6 dice [5 for body + 1 for armor ( 1/2 of the 2 impact armor)]
Yeah, just remember that AP is Armour Penetration so it always just goes towards the armour value. There is very little in the game that will reduce your Body or Will for damage resistance like AP does for armour. Beyond decrease attribute spells, maybe some toxins or diseases but that's it.
You could also reference SR4A, page 162, Armor Penetration.
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