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My big mouth means I earned the spot as GM of a group of 2 new runners and one with experience, starting Wednesday. That'll teach me.

More importantly I've not gotten to play much previously, so what advice do you have for a new GM? Important things to help the new players enjoy the Shadowrun world? A good introductory run?

I was considering the couch run someone posted here a few years back, but anything with a reasonable variety (2 new players, so they'll need to look everything up) of skills used and a few locations/characters to let them know what the world is.
The old stand-bys are Food Fight and Into the Shadows. You could use some one of the Missions adventures as well. 4th ed has several that can work as starter adventures.
They take some minor changing to due to editions (3rd to 5th), but Shadowrun Missions Season 1, episodes 1 & 3 both make pretty good intro runs. Neither are apt to have much combat, but for starting off, learning your character, learning a bit of how the game world works – I think both are pretty good.

Or if you think you really want a fight, yah, the various variants of Food Fight all work, or just have a contact call up the group for some low key guard duty “Got a (thing, appropriate to the contact. Smuggled goods, fugitive, badly hurt patient, etc.) that needs watching overnight. Nothing should happen, but it never hurts to have a few bodies around just in case.” Of course a small gang attacks. Give them machine pistols, clubs, and armor vests (look pretty dangerous, but not apt to overly hurt runners too quickly), backed up with a force 4 water spirit that they hired some second rate mage to send along with them (water spirit because their engulf does stun damage, so again less apt to kill someone if the dice go weird).

Depends on what you think your group’s style is.

Good luck!
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