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Got the Sixth World Almanac and that's a great (despite editing issues) book for reviewing the history of the Sixth World. From the descriptions Attitude is the new version of Shadow Beat. How true is that and how good is the book? I'm not looking for rules. I'm looking for fluff. So tell me, what's the deal?

It's not really a bad book. It has a few good ideas, not that many bad ones isn't a bad read.
But it's not a good book either.

To me it has two main problems:
1. It's a bundle of articles that have little to do with each other and no clear theme and direction.
2. It's a book set in 2010 with some cyber and magic sprinkled on top. And that's my main problem with it. The impact of media on society is a huge theme in Cyberpunk. Early SR adventures were all about medias, from music to sims and BTL to journalists. And on that front, Attitude is just terribly disappointing. We've got today today's TV shows and movies with some cyber and magic on top, we've got today's sports with some cyber and magic...

It's a bland book that does the very least it could do. I was so disappointed that I wrote my own alternative book, Style Over Substance. There's a link in my sig, but the file is currently down. I need to find where my server and hard drive are and put them back up...
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