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Is there a decent map of the Shadowrun world? Not just North America.
Yes, it just depends on how much detail you want and from what year. Here's one from 2060:

Here's another from 2072, but without labels:

If you need more detail than what those provide, just the region in question into your friendly search engine. There should be maps for whatever you're trying to do.
Lokii created several world maps in vector format, so you can blow them up to any size, unfortunately I don't think he ever did one with country labels:!Bilder/Karten
(Scroll down to W as in "Weltkarte")
Yes, there is no version with labels.

For your convenience here are the links to the vector graphic world maps in four different projections:

If I were to redo them, there are some small alterations, but they are mostly correct, though I forgot Asamando (as usual). But I have to point out that they deviate from the official version. The differences are documented in this map: (click on "Volle Auflösung") If you want the official version you can have a look at the Sixth World Almanac which includes a world map. The reason for the differences is that some of the older canon information was ignored in creating the Almanac map. The German version is available as a separate poster via DriveThruRPG: I don't think the English one can be bought separately from the Almanac.

The first map Tecumseh linked to is actually a map from Wordman's Sixth World project that predates the Shadows of Europe and Asia books, so many parts of the map are non-canonical. The second map is another world map I did including the same above mentioned deviations that also shows the 2000 national boundaries.

I have a map of Africa though that has labels (and Asamando):
QUOTE (lokii @ Dec 18 2015, 06:57 PM) *
The reason for the differences is that some of the older canon information was ignored in creating the Almanac map.

More to the point, the 6WA map is a satellite image of the real earth, with new borderlines painted on top. So changes in land mass, like Baja California becoming an actual island or the results of the Black Flood, don't appear. And the borderlines do not agree with previous canon, as seen in the "differences" map.

On the other hand, the 6WA map does tell you which country you are looking at...and it has a lot of North American city names
Well, they did paint vegetation over half of the Sahara. (Which I don't have on my Africa map.)
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