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Full Version: Day of the Dead
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Has there ever been a Shadowrun storyline around Aztechnology and the Day of the Dead?
*waves from Huddersfield*

Do not recall a SR novel offhand dealing with the Day of the Dead, though might have been in an adventure.

You can read the Dragon Heart Sage SR trilogy by Jak Koke. Not set on the Day of the dead that I can recall (need to go back through the library), but has some action involving the Azzies,

On a side note, look up a cyberpunk novel called Smoking Mirror Blues by Ernest Hogan.

Set in a futuristic LA, the Day of the Dead celebration has a Trickster Aztec god download himself into a guy's head and go on a fun romp through the city causing mayhem while being chased by a number of factions both in person and online.

Not written for SR, but might serve to give some ideas for a run or two...

Reading 'High Aztech' by the same author is useful but not essential to follow the story.
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