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Full Version: SR3 - Thrown weapon stats question
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Kren Cooper
Hi everyone

GAH - what is wrong with my table! Trying to fix...

Just wondered if people would have a look at a few of these weapons stats, and tell me if they think they are balanced - would you be happy with them at your table?

Context - a new character with a thing about old fashioned weaponry - he's living the dream of the ancient Greek Olympiad - so we're talking discus, shot put, javelin etc

Can't seem to get a table to post, and the BB Code help is just giving me a 500 error. Time to work around the problem...;oe=57486448

The bow I've gone with is midway between the two bows listed in the book - the standard and the Ranger-X, as an example of an old style laminated horn/wood bow - something handmade by a craftsman.
I'm really not sure about the other ones though....
Hi, the stats don't look bad, but I think you'd have an easier time looking for similar stuff in the SR3 canon companion. Of the top of my head, there are stats for Javelin there, and for bowling balls which would quite fit the shot put.
Kren Cooper
Thanks for the comment Freudgo. I'd been looking at the thrown weapons in the canon companion, to try and get a feel - hadn't occurred to me to look at the improvised table as well.
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