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Full Version: Centering Questions
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I was reading through the centering section of MiTS and I discovered that when centering for successes situational modifiers apply. For example

James a grade 1 Initiate is casting a force 3 fireball in an area of +1 background count. TN 4 + 1 (for background count) for a total TN of 5. He centers for successes using 6 die aganst TN of the spell plus modifiers or 5 in this case and gets 2 successes meaning he has 1 success to add to his sorcery test.

Correct so far? Please correct me if im wrong.

Now lets do the same test on James's homeground

James a grade 1 Initiate is casting a force 3 fireball in his homeground with a +1 background count. TN 4 - 1 (for homeground) + 1 (for background count) for a total TN of 4. He centers for successes using 6 die aganst the TN of the spell plus modifiers or 4 in this case. Now since centering is a seperate active skill would it get another -1 TN modifier? instead of a TN of 4 for the centering test would be a TN of 3?

For those that dont know the homeground edge lowers the TN of all active skill tests by 1 while on the homeground
mfb i guess it would.
I don't see any reason why not.
Something just feels wrong about double counting the bonus for a roll. You already included the bonus once, thus satisfying the requirement in the rule text. I can't quote specific references, but something just seems very wrong about applying a +10 to TN for a M phys + S stun wound.
The example in MITS doesn't double-count situational modifiers. When it says to apply them, I think it is making clear that modifiers applied to your magical skill test also apply to your centering test, giving it the same TN.
Just for the record:
What is the centering skill that you character is performing while in the midst of combat, in his small portion of a 3 second round?

Sorry. I'm just irritated by the thought of a bunch of guys spending 1 second "meditating" while dodging bullets, and getting piles of bonuses for it.
Bearclaw--I would tend to agree with you that meditating for one second is next to useless, and tend to fall back on the abstract game mechanic. I have yet to find any activity that one can use for centering that works in all circumstances. Chant would be the closest, but seeing someone mutter "I think I can" over and over again in Latin is a little bizarre.

To Joker's initial question, I would agree with Zazen in the heart of the rules, but if you are going to be a lawyer and go by the exact text--it could be argued well on both sides.
it could be any skill but id probably say some arcane language i agree centering in combat does seem a little dumb unless your gesturing or chanting.
When I thought of this I was atually thinking of someone conjuring on his homeground and getting a double TN bounes for his centering test for that. I guess you could say im a bit of a rule lawyer but I do understand the need for game balance.
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