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Full Version: Anyone else notice the fact that CC...
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doesn't have the rules for making special weapons? I mean as in Lasers, Rockets, Missiles, and other specialised weapons. Who else thinks it should be possible to design this stuff?
Actually, what I've always wanted to see was a break action assault cannon. Something similar in function to the M79. smile.gif
Austere Emancipator
Great for blowing up in your face!
I'm just miffed I can't create a pistol with 12S damage. Where's the damn metal storm option? biggrin.gif

Sidenote: Does the Thunderbolt really exist? If not, that's one sweet digital manip in raygun's site.
Mass production of the Thunderbolt was licensed to Sturm, Ruger & Co. of Southport, CT UCAS. Production began on June 6, 2054.

It seems like a photo-manip but a good one. The word thunderbolt is just too straight in that image, too perfectly aligned with the camera. Damn good work and I would not be 100% that it is not a model. 95% maybe...
I'd just be happy if the rules for designing regular firearms worked.
Austere Emancipator
The Thunderbolt on Raygun's site does look a lot like this Ruger P90. Must have taken some time to manipulate it, especially with how the decocker has been moved down and most of the slide has been drawn over completely.
Yeah, it's very possible to manip from that image. I don't ever recalling Ruger making such a firearm, but you learn something every day, huh.

I sorted of suspected as such. Because for a 12-break action weapon, it's weird that it has a magazine smile.gif
Austere Emancipator
Oh there's no question about whether such a weapon exists IRL -- it doesn't. And you can tell from some of the edges and shading that the Thunderbolt on Raygun's site is not real -- pay special attention to the dark button at the front of the lower frame and the black "holes" at the front of the slide. And then there's the magazine, like FXcalibur said. wink.gif

I'm pretty sure that's the picture it's been manipulated from, since the serial number and texts seem identical and everything else looks the same, too.
I'm pretty sure Austere linked to the original image. It is a photoshop job, as there is no real Thunderbolt. Don't recall which thread specifically prompted him to rework the Thunderbolt for metalstorm and put that part of his site up, but you should be able to find it with a search. I should note that it's based on some prototypal designs for a pistol that Metalstorm's been promoting. I don't personally see it catching on (not flexible enough for military, far too lethal for police; maybe it could catch on in the paramilitary law enforcement community; who knows), but that's another matter entirely.

And, in terms of making up new weapons, I suggest you skip the often lamented and altogether horrid rules found in the CC. All of these were made by using the canon weapons as a rough guide and extrapolating what I wanted from there, no system needed.
northern lights
is there anyone else here who is wondering why in the name of the gods, anyone would use a ruger p90 for the thunderbolt???

seriously, using the p90 for the thunderbolt basis would be like using a ruger mark II for robocop's gun. i doubt there are many recognizable pistols that could come close to fitting the bill, but the only one i can think of would be the desert eagle.
Austere Emancipator
Few important notes: Raygun's Ruger Thunderbolt is not the exact same weapon as the canon Thunderbolt. Far from it, in fact.

Second, nobody is saying that the Ruger P90 is being "used for the Thunderbolt", Raygun has simply used a picture of a Ruger P90 to draw something a MetalStorm-tech pistol made by Ruger might look like. He probably chose that particular one because it's the most hitech-looking picture he could find of their largest-frame pistol. A person who doesn't know what a Ruger P90 is won't know any better. And you gotta admit, it's a cool looking gun.

Just what the heck a Desert Eagle (a gas-operated extremely large-caliber competition pistol) has to do with the canon Thunderbolt (a recoil-operated mid-large caliber burst-firing pistol) is beyond me. A much closer modern equivalent might be a Glock 20 (10mm Auto) modified to fire 3-round bursts. That oughta be painful enough, on the shooter's wrist...

[Edit]Actually, it's not the exact same picture (they are of different size, it seems the "original" I linked to is slightly stretched and thus fuzzy), but the two are apparently from the same original picture.[/Edit]
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