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Full Version: 5th Ed Thunderbolt
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Okay simple question has my players favourite SR gun - The Ruger Thunderbolt - recieved 5e stats anywhere?

Do not believe so, but you can see one conversion done by a fellow gamer here:

QUOTE (Quick Quote from Mirikon's 5th Conversion Thread)
Ruger Thunderbolt - The Thunderbolt was developed by Ruger in cooperation with Lone Star’s Technical Research Department due to the needs of the security corporation. Despite the fact that the weapon has been sold to other licensed buyers for years now, some Lone Star officers still view the weapon as their ”private property,” so shadowrunners should keep their licenses updated to prevent being harassed during searches or at checkpoints. Each weapon possesses a special chamber system that
provides 2 points of recoil compensation and comes equipped with either an internal smartgun system (+400¥) or a built-in underbarrel laser sight (+100¥).
Accuracy: 5 Damage: 8P AP: -1 Mode: BF RC: 2 Ammo: 12© Availability: 12R Cost: 800
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