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Full Version: Cybercombat Question
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Hey everyone.

I was taking a second glance at the 3rd Edition Matrix rules lately, brushing up and making sure I know them relatively well, and I came across a part about cybercombat that was pretty vague, so I wanted to have it cleared up here.

Ok, when resolving attacks in cybercombat. It states it is the attack program that makes the attack, which can be modified by the hacking pool. Now I'm assuming this means that there is no computer skill roll involved at all and that you just roll a number of dice equal to the utility rating of whatever attack program you are using. Am I correct?

On the same token, it really doesn't mention anything for attacking with IC. Now, I know the power of the IC attacking is equal to it's rating and the damage is determined by the color of the host, but what does it roll for it's actual attack? I can only think of it being two things, the security value of the host/grid or the actual rating of the IC attacking. Which one is it?

Can anyone clear up these two things for me? Thanks!
I asked these very questions to the game designers at GenCon last year. That passage is extremely poorly worded. The official answer from the game designers is that the decker rolls computer skill for the attack, with power and damage set by the program. The only programs that roll their ratings are ones like medic.
For IC, it's the security value. Think of it this way: the host is attacking the decker, using the IC as a weapon.
Yeah, that explanation makes a lot more sense. Otherwise, some completely unskilled punk with a boatload of SOTA programs and a Fairlight Excalibur could just come in and roll deckers and IC like they were nothing...and that would be fairly stupid, heh.

And I remember the book mentioning something about the host using the IC as a weapon...but yeah that passage is very vague and poorly worded.

Thanks, I appreciate it! That little thing has been bugging me for a couple days now! biggrin.gif
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