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Full Version: Foci & Dicepools
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I have a quick question about Foci. In the Shadowrun 5 Core Rulebook p318 under foci, it says:

Regardless of the number of bonded foci you have, only one focus may add its Force to a dice pool for any given test.

So if you have a Powerfocus and a Spellcasting focus only one of them can add to the Spellcasting test?

correct, you would only gain the benefit from one of them at a time, but remember the Power focus is across the board while Spell focus is limited to one category of spells.

So if you only do combat and heal spells or Summon Fire Spirits and cast combat spells it may be more cost effective to get a spell/spirit focus for each as the cost and karma for both together is still less than a similar Force Power Focus.
If you are accessing 3 categories/ types of magics then a Power Focus would break even and if you use 4 or more the Power focus is better value though then everything is tied into one focus.

Plus the Power Focus is actually good for things like foci addiction because rather than having 4 separate Force 3 spell/spirit foci for assorted things giving you 12 force of foci to contend possible addiction with while a lone Force 4 Power focus only gives you a total of 4 for checking possible addictions which unless you are really low Magic won't be an issue.
So if you have:

Spellcasting skill: 4
Magic: 6
Powerfocus: 4
Spellcasting Focus: Combat: 4
Force: 6

and want to cast a Manabolt, the test is:

Spellcasting (4) + Magic (6) + Powerfocus (4) + Spellcasting Focus: Combat (4) [6]= 18

But you can choose to EITHER have the Powerfocus OR the Spellcasting Focus add to the dicepool, but NOT both. Correct?
Spellcasting (4) + Magic (6) + Powerfocus (4) or Spellcasting Focus: Combat (4) [6]= 14

That would be the best way to write it and yes, it is either/or with foci, not and.
Thanks smile.gif
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