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This thread is about the Shadowhelix Database (shxdb) project, a database ("Datenbank") for Shadowrun information and meant to support the development of the German wiki Shadowhelix but of course can used for other purposes (and wikis) as well. I give you a short overview and will update the thread when major expansions, new features or views are available. I will crosspost this information to ShadowGrid aka the Catalyst Shadowrun forum.

The principal project site is: It has the database tables in TSV format (tab separated values). It also links to this page with a description of how to import the files into an SQLite database: I can provide an English translation if there is interest. The database itself already uses English for its structural terminology.

What is provided right now is a lot of information about Shadowrun contributors, illustrations, most of the publications and some Sixth World information. Though as it relies on numerical IDs for all kinds of objects you might find it difficult to access the information without a database management system.

(Don't know if this should go into community projects but it looks a bit abandoned over there.)
And few interesting and maybe useful by-products:

The Shadowhelix:Signaturidentifikation (signature identification) is a tool to identify an artist based on the signatures on illustrations.

This page is for matching DeviantArt Shadowrun illustrations using their illustration id in the database. Incidentally it is also a list of the official Shadowrun artwork that the artists uploaded to their DeviantArt accounts. Well, you could also use this favourites list: I based the page on it. But the list was provided for this purpose so I still chalk it up to the database. wink.gif

Finally another temporary page not a final presentation of database content; this page has a hierarchical list of Shadowrun corporations (based on imported compilation work).
Nice work, chummer.
This week I wrote an ShxDB export script that generates a table of illustrations ("Abbildungsverzeichnis") for a source. It's meant for the Shadowhelix articles. Though as always I'm glad if somebody takes copying the information to the Shadowrun wiki on Wikia off my hands. It will also happen much more quickly that way. wink.gif

So for the result, here is a selection of illustration tables, that have been generated using ShxDB data:
As you will see there are still some gaps. The credit for collecting the bulk of data on illustrations goes to Greadle.

@Iduno: Thanks.
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