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Full Version: Looking for some resource help
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Greetings again. I am starting up a new campaign and typically I will run modules. There is so much good writing and creativity that I prefer to use those rather than spend the time writing up a run. Is there a site or such where I can browse some Runs or Missions or even better are Modules still being published? I loved the 1rst and 2nd ed, like UB, Euphoria, and many others. Small, lots of good story and all my stats and folks laid out.

I have a backstory for the campaign but I love to plug in predone modules if there are any.

Thanks very much!
Of course there are. All the various Missions adventures (you can also find free missions on the Catalyst site for SR) as well as stand alone adventures are available through BattleCorp or DrivethruRPG.
These are the ones for 3rd ed.
These are for 4th ed.
I point these out as they are free to download. The same site provides links to other missions for both 4th and 5th ed but you need to actually buy those.
Most Excellent!

Thank you. I figure I can probably convert some of the 3E stuff or at least use the storylines and add my own. Very helpful,

Thank you again!
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